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“Let Go” Rocks

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I told you about the band Let Go before, but I don’t think anyone was paying attention. The reference was too deep in the post, and the recommendation was far too lukewarm.

So let me be clear:

This is the greatest new band I have discovered in years.

Their CD flat-out rocks. Anyone with decent taste in music must buy it.

Their stuff has elements of Jellyfish, Kevin Gilbert, and a little-known but classic band called Wasted Tape. The band has the rare combination of good singing, very loud guitars, and musical sophistication. The songs are not your typical three-chord nonsense. They are harmonically and rhythmically very interesting. There are hints of later Kansas and early Rush in there.

I’m telling you, this is great stuff.

Their web site is here. You can download tunes here.

They are so great, I investigated their history. The lead singer, Jamie Woolford, was previously in a band called The Stereo. Listening to clips at Amazon, I determined that this band also rocks, and ordered all three of their albums using a portion of a gift certificate lovingly donated by my mother-in-law.

Let Go will be playing in Anaheim during the first week of January. It’s our bad luck that we’ll be out of town.

P.S. Glen Phillips will also be playing in L.A. during the first week of January. He will be at Largo.

Man, we picked a lousy time to be out of town.

Go to all the above shows, and let us know how they were.

Lefties Push “Fake But Accura –” . . . Ah, Hell. Here Are Some Cool Videos

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A couple of days ago, I started to draft a post about the “fake but accurate” stance that so many lefties have taken with respect to the Jamil Hussein story. It began:

How would you feel if you found out that a police officer manufactured a piece of evidence against a defendant?

What if someone tried to minimize the officer’s offense by arguing:

Who cares? The defendant was guilty anyway. So what if an officer manufactured another piece of evidence against him — there’s already plenty of other evidence against him. How come you don’t care about whether the defendant is guilty?

If someone said that to me, I’d light into them. I’d tell them that I do indeed care about whether the defendant is guilty. But regardless of a defendant’s guilt, it’s illegal and immoral for an officer to manufacture evidence against a defendant.

The point is that truth is important, even if you happen to think that your lies serve a “larger truth.”

Yet when bloggers show that there are holes in an AP story — notably serious, gaping, and unretracted holes in the story that four mosques were burned — many on the left say simply: so what? Iraq is a bad place anyway.

Meh. It needed some extension and revision, and so I put it on the back burner. In the meantime, half the conservative blogging world has said it better. Plus, I’ve been in trial, and have had to pack for a trip.

I’m tired. So forget that post. Here are some links to some cool videos. (So much for my personal dynamism, eh, assistant devil’s advocate?)

My favorite link is this:

Amazing pool shots

That’s at a site I never heard of before called, which I learned about (indirectly) from this Xrlq post. I just went to that site and watched everything on the home page. Almost everything was interesting on some level. A lotta idiots out there.

But you read blogs, so you already knew that.

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