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Woo-hoo! My new Michael Connelly book, Crime Beat, just arrived in the mail!

I have read all his books, and I am a true crime fan, so I’m guessing this will be a treat. Reviews on Amazon aren’t good, but I’m not Connelly’s usual audience. I’m more interested by non-fiction than I am by novels. I think it will be fascinating. I’ll let you know whether I was right.

Also, I just finished listening to the Books on Tape version of Finders Keepers, by Mark Bowden. He reads it himself. It’s a great story, and I’m eager to see the apparently mediocre movie based on the story: Money for Nothing.

Finally, I will be getting an advance copy of the new Anonymous Lawyer novel. Blogging has its privileges.

4 Responses to “Books!”

  1. i’m a huge connelly fan. picked up “crime beat” the first day out and paid full retail. send yours back. i’ll give you mine. it’s currently being used as a paper weight. nothing really wrong with the book – it’s just that it is nothing more than repackaged newspaper articles. nothing new between the pages.

    mark (296599)

  2. I like true crime also, but I like crime novels, too. Right now, I’m enjoying “The Alienist” by Caleb Carr. I understand that there’s another one with the same cast of characters, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

    CraigC (4d10e2)

  3. “The Angel of Darkness” is the other Caleb Carr book. I thought it was as good as “The Alienist.” In the “Alienist” John is the narrator; in the other the narrator is Stevie. Good stuff about New York, though some of the scenes with TR are over the top.

    I also like Connelly. I read one of his early efforts and it was only so-so– too many long passages where he shows off that he was once a police reporter. His last few novels have been excellent. Funny how some writers improve, some get worse. I would put Frederick Forsyth and Alistair MacLean in the latter category. “Day of the Jackal” was great, his latter stuff sucks. Same with MacLean.

    craig mclaughlin (265bd2)

  4. I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction. But there is so much of thrill involved in crime among the other non-fiction.Always something new coming up and this holds u throughout the whole book.
    Looking forward to read it!

    mike (6232f5)

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