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More Hillary-As-Centrist

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Whee! It’s another Big Media portrayal of Hillary-as-centrist. Before it was the L.A. Times (see here and here). Today it’s the Washington Post. This one is actually a little more nuanced than the L.A. Times was, but it still basically maintains the fiction that, as the headline puts it, she is “A Politician Not Easily Defined.”

Depends on whom you ask. It’s easy for me.

(Via Allah.)

Weekend Roundup, Sort Of

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I don’t have the time or inclination to do a full roundup of all the posts here from the three-day weekend. That’s why God put a scroll dial on your mouse. But I will note a couple of (hopefully) interesting posts, for the weekday-only readers:

  • “The Power of the Jump”™ was featured in two posts this weekend. One was about the L.A. Times‘s decision to highlight the fact that women “routinely” serve more time in jail under the L.A. County Sheriff’s early release policy. On the back pages, we learn that men have also “routinely” served more time as well.
  • In a second “Power of the Jump”™ post, I note that the paper reports on whether a jail inmate’s death was a suicide, or the result of beatings and neglect by jail personnel. Only the back pages do we learn that the man was suicidal, and had twice previously tried to commit suicide.
  • I rant about the Gang of 14 capitulation deal and the Republicans’ decision to fold on several controversial nominees — at least for now (which means, with a disastrous 2006 election, forever).
  • Plus: John Kerry is back with more on the Swift Vet allegations — which gives us a chance to refight all those old battles. It’s like it’s 2004 all over again!

My Memorial Day: Where Are the Freaking Screwholes?

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So yesterday I tried to put the kids’ swingset together. I was doing pretty well, until I got to a part in the instructions where there have to be screwholes to put in the screws — and, no screwholes.

I hate the instructions that come with these things: a bunch of pictures of some guy putting it together, with almost no words to walk you through it. I’m almost 90% positive there have to be these screwholes, but they don’t say so. So 10% of me says: who knows?

Oh well, it was a nice day anyway.

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