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How Christians Plan to Respond to the Da Vinci Code Movie

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The movie based on the “Da Vinci Code” will soon be out. It alleges that Christ was not really the Son of God — thus directly challenging a basic tenet of Christian beliefs. Christian leaders, inspired by the riots over cartoons depicting Muhammad, plan to riot, pillage, and kill.

Oh, wait — no, they are planning this instead:

Evangelical churches across the nation are launching an aggressive effort to save souls by talking about a fictional murder mystery that many regard as blasphemous.

“Talking” about it??

Pastors are setting out doughnuts and sandwiches and inviting non-Christians to come discuss “The Da Vinci Code” bestseller. They’re creating hip marketing campaigns to draw nonbelievers to sermons about the thriller. They’re even giving away free iPods loaded with their commentary on the novel.

And if that doesn’t work, it’s on to Plan B: rioting, pillaging, and killing.

Help Wanted: Editorial Position Opens up at WaPo

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The Washington Post says of Judge Luttig’s resignation:

But the friends added that Luttig’s disappointment over the nominations of Roberts and Scalia, combined with uncertainty over when another Supreme Court vacancy would occur, also played a role [in Luttig’s resignation].

Damn that 20-year-old Scalia nomination!

UPDATE: As it turns out, Howard Bashman noticed this before I did (thanks to one of his readers). He says this means that Scalia-Alito is the new O’Connor-Ginsburg.

More on That TV Column About Fox News and CNN Ratings

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Remember that TV column in the L.A. Times that screamed about Fox News’s ratings decline and whispered about CNN’s much larger ratings plunge?

Independent Sources makes the case that, not only did the column provide the wrong emphasis, it also used the wrong facts. They say that the numbers for the column were cherry-picked and misleadingly described to paint Fox News in the worst light possible.

Really? At the L.A. Times?!

Their post cites to another piece that reports the ratings information fairly and accurately. That piece and the Times column are placed side by side so you can see with your own eyes how fairness looks when contrasted with rank distortion.

Good stuff, guys.

Moron of the Day: Michael Cohn

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What a maroon:

A Los Angeles psychologist who was denied a tote bag during a Mother’s Day giveaway at an Angel game is suing the baseball team, alleging sex and age discrimination.

You think he ever tells his patients that they are whiners?

Hollywood Bowl

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On Sunday, we got our Hollywood Bowl tickets for the summer.

I have always said that tourists to L.A. should avoid the tourist traps and head for special places like the Bowl — or (if you can get in) the Magic Castle, where we are taking Mrs. P.’s brother-in-law next Monday, with our friend Justin Levine.

Sure, see the handprints and footprints at Mann’s Chinese. But you’ll have a better time at the Bowl.

Trust me.

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