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Judge: Child Molester Too Short for Prison

Filed under: Crime,General — Patterico @ 8:44 pm

Tall enough to molest a 12-year-old, but too short to go to prison for it.

UPDATE: On Thursday, commenter Dana gave his take on this.

Galloway: A Blair Assassination Would Be “Morally Justified”

Filed under: Humor,Scum — Patterico @ 6:52 am

Understand clearly: I am not calling for “Gorgeous George” Galloway to be tied to a wooden stake while crazed weasels gnaw at his private parts, and Christopher Hitchens reads him pro-war Jonah Goldberg columns and T.S. Eliot poetry in a drunken Irish brogue.

I am not calling for this. But it would be morally justified.

Dissents from the Grave

Filed under: Judiciary — Patterico @ 6:48 am

Can dead judges vote? Maybe they shouldn’t, but they sometimes do.

From the “Things I Didn’t Expect to See Today” File

Filed under: Dog Trainer,Humor — Patterico @ 6:47 am

Look! It’s Bob Sipchen with hair!

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