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Southern California Newspaper Reports that Killer of CHP Officer is Indeed a Suspected Illegal Immigrant

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A local paper reports:

The drunken motorist who fatally injured a California Highway Patrol officer Saturday night is a suspected illegal immigrant from Mexico who was driving without a license, officials said Monday.

Which paper is that, you might well ask — the L.A. Times?

Ha, ha! See? I laugh uproariously at your silly attempt at humor!

No, in all seriousness, the paper in question is the Victorville Daily Press, which reports the revelation in this story.

Now, I don’t exactly know what the article means when it calls the motorist a “suspected” illegal immigrant from Mexico, but my guess is that it’s kind of like saying O.J. “allegedly” killed two people in cold blood — i.e., we all know it’s true, but there are legal problems with saying so forthrightly. After all, we also say that the motorist is a “suspected” drunk driver, even though he blew almost 3 times the legal limit.

I have previously blogged about the importance of the “suspected” drunk driver’s immigration status in previous posts on this topic here, here, and here. Quite simply, if a CHP officer died through the actions of someone who didn’t belong in this country to begin with, that’s news. And it’s news that the region’s largest newspaper is, unaccountably, not reporting.

It looks like it’s time for the L.A. Times to play catch-up to the responsible journalism of the desert newspapers — or, more likely, to continue to entirely ignore this aspect of the story.

P.S. Another e-mail has been sent to the long-suffering Readers’ Representative. They can’t claim they haven’t been told . . .

4 Responses to “Southern California Newspaper Reports that Killer of CHP Officer is Indeed a Suspected Illegal Immigrant”

  1. Building the fence is the only way to get this problem under control. The presidential candidate in ’08 who runs on this platform will win in a landlside. Before you call me racist, I’ve got a place near vallarta and have lived their off and on for ten years.

    What happens when the drug cartels take over the federal govt?

    Mark Daniels (d86eaa)

  2. Esqueda was arraigned this afternoon, appointed a public defender and assigned a translator.

    Pled not guilty on all three counts.

    $1 mill bail was granted. A media motion for the arraignment hearing was granted for that hearing only (KABC and Daily Bulletin)

    Pre-pre 3/7
    Prelim 3/9

    Darleen (f20213)

  3. Mark–Interesting Question.

    Darleen–That bail strikes me as high for a vehicular manslaughter case unless justified by circumstances like flight risk and no ties to the community–i.e., illegal.

    Patterico–good reporting in those Desert papers. It was the Ontario, California paper that broke the story about Mexican military incursions over the border and how DHS knew about them.

    See Dubya (7b12ab)

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    jfigsoy (827bbe)

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