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Shining Parody Trailer Traffic Spike

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Yesterday I received an odd traffic spike from a mysterious source. I received a flood of visitors — several hundred every hour — from people who reached my blog through a Yahoo! search for “shining parody trailer.” (My post about that trailer is the second result in that search.)

I can only assume that this exact search was somehow featured on or near Yahoo’s main page. Either that or Oprah told her audience to go to their computers, pull up the Yahoo search engine, and type in the words “shining parody trailer.” (A possibility along those lines seems much less likely; all the searches are Yahoo searches, typed the same way.)

I haven’t figured out for sure exactly what happened. Does anybody know?

Anyway, assuming the trailer is still available, you should watch it if you haven’t already.

Another Greg Packer Sighting

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A quarter million fans showed up for the Super Bowl victory parade in Pittsburgh. Five of them were quoted in this article, including . . . the ubiquitous Greg Packer:

Greg Packer, 42, a lifelong Steelers fan from Huntington, N.Y., wanted to see it in person after failing to bag a ticket to the Super Bowl.

“I couldn’t get into the game, so I decided to make a detour to Pittsburgh to root for the team here at the rally,” said Packer, who staked out a front-row spot near the stage at 5 a.m. “There was no way I was not going to be up close for this. It’s fantastic.”

Previous Packer sightings here.

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