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The Mentality of Rosa Brooks

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The DirectTV people took out our Cox cable modem line today, so I’m on the Treo again, and unable to link to our local rag. You’ll have to look this one up yourself. It’s Rosa Brooks, calling Cheney’s hunting accident an example of Cheney being “violent.” In the same piece, she also mentions Islamic violence over cartoons, which has killed numerous people over the past few days. Does she call that “violent”? Nah. That, she calls . . . “protests.”

Happy Four-Day Weekend!

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What?! It’s not a four-day weekend for you?! Well, it is for me.

You needn’t be too jealous. I’m taking a vacation day for it . . . my daughter has no school or day-care today, and someone has to take care of her. So that’s me. Our son is staying home as well.

We don’t have much fun planned for the weekend. Unpacking boxes, mostly. And doing laundry in the washer-dryer set that reader Jeff C. missed the beginning of “24” to help us set up (read: to set up himself. I don’t have a clue.).

But that’s okay; it’ll be a fun weekend. We kicked it off last night with a visit to the Whale and Ale in San Pedro — a great little British pub that may yet replace Ye Olde King’s Head in our hearts.

Third Blogiversary

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Today marks the third anniversary of this blog, which started on February 17, 2003.

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