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Identity Politics and Selective Media Sensitivity to Religious Feeling

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I am overdue linking Jeff Goldstein’s post on the Mohammed cartoons and identity politics. Excellent stuff as usual.

By the way: since I’m lacking a high-speed Internet connection and am stuck on a Treo, I am outsourcing my research to you, my readers. My assignment to you: search the archives of CNN — or the L.A. Times or any other news organizations that refuse to print the Mohammed cartoons — and tell me whether they ever ran a depiction of Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” piece, which portrays Christ submerged in urine.

Or did they refuse to depict images of the “Piss Christ” because it might offend Christians?

Yeah, I’m sure that happened.

A virtual high-five to the commenter(s) who find(s) proof of these media outlets’ hypocrisy.

UPDATE: That was as fast as it was predictable. Via See Dubya in the comments (through a guest poster at Ace’s) comes a link to a CNN report that shows a picture of a painting of the Virgin Mary covered in elephant poop. CNN is thus revealed to be a pack of shameless hypocrites, and aren’t we all surprised . . .

Los Angeles Times Editors Proven Wrong Yet Again

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Last year, I mocked Los Angeles Times editors for a hopelessly naive editorial which said:

The Supreme Court made the right decision Wednesday in all but overturning CaliforniaÂ’s policy of housing new prison inmates in cells based on their race. Clearly, the state cannot classify people solely on that basis in the year 2005, and it would be preposterous for state prison officials to continue arguing that there is a compelling reason to do so.

Tell that to the victims of the latest race riots in L.A. jails:

[V]iolence among prisoners has nearly doubled in the past three years at the North County Correctional Facility, the site of a weekend riot that left one inmate dead and dozens injured.

Inmate-on-inmate assaults at the Castaic facility rose from 351 in 2003 to 614 last year.

Most of the incidents were racially motivated, including Saturday’s riot by more than 2,000 black and Latino inmates, sheriff’s officials said.

. . . .

[Deputy Alba] Yates said the incident involved approximately 170 Latino and 35 black inmates who “divided on racial lines and fought.”

I want the races to get along. But, as I said last year, incarcerated criminals are not always the most enlightened folks. Many are violent racists. This is not ideal — it’s reality.

The editors’ pie-in-the-sky mentality is killing people. And inmates don’t want it. A note from a Latino inmate says:

No disrespect, but if Blacks come in the dorms we will fight. We do not want to go against the Sherriffs! Please separate us by race for everyone’s safety. Thank you for your time. Sincerly, All Inmates


Question for the Guys

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How do you get your ties the right length? I typically make sure the short end comes down to a certain button on my shirt, but since my ties aren’t all the same length, I have to adjust the formula. Is there a better way? How do you do it?

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