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Patrick Sheehan Speaks; Cindy Sheehan Goes Home for Now

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The New York Daily News reports that Patrick Sheehan is speaking out about his wife’s vigil:

“My kids and I feel like we’ve had two losses: Casey and now our wife and mother,” Cindy’s estranged husband, Patrick Sheehan, tells People magazine. “The kids are angry and lonely for her.” His wife has been camped outside Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Tex., since Aug. 6, hoping to talk to the President about the death of her soldier son, Casey, in Iraq.

Son Andrew, 21, adds: “I think she should come home.”

The partisan site NewsMax adds:

“I don’t think she’s done the best for the family,” Patrick Sheehan, 52, tells People Magazine. “When we see Cindy talking about Casey, we all relive the loss.”

NewsMax gets stuff wrong, so we’ll have to wait on the responsible journalism of People Magazine to confirm that latter quote. It sounds authentic, though.

Meanwhile, the AP is reporting that Cindy Sheehan is headed to L.A. to be at her hospitalized mother’s side. Her spokeswoman says she expects to return to Crawford within 24 to 48 hours.

What does it all mean? Only the Shadow knows.

This Post Intentionally Left Blank

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The Things You Learn When a Blogger Prints His Hate Mail from Bigoted Trolls

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Turns out Jeff Goldstein is Jewish.

Who knew?

P.S. Also, he really ARTE clueless.

You Take a Chance Getting Up in the Morning . . .

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Bill from INDC Journal has a post placing in context recent revelations that some women have died from ingesting RU-486. Bill reminds us all that a small number of deaths can be expected from almost anything humans do: taking RU-486, taking aspirin, crossing the street, or sticking your face in a fan. I take issue with a couple of his examples in the comments, but I like his overall point.

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