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Katrina Video

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Via Orin Kerr, this video from a helicopter gives you a good feel for the devastation caused by this hurricane.

First Impressions Can Be Deceiving

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Although Butthead initially appears to be smarter, repeated viewings confirm that Beavis is actually the more intelligent of the two. Discuss.

UPDATE FROM THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL: Sentiment seems to be running against me. But answer me this: who has the imagination to be Cornholio?

Rush Reads Patterico

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A friend of mine told me that Rush Limbaugh read from my recent “Outside the Tent” piece on his radio show last week, either Tuesday or Wednesday. If anyone knows a way to get a clip of that, I’d appreciate it.

Don’t Miss the Online Offers on the Mapquest Map

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Here is a good example of why I read Xrlq. Two completely bizarre facts/stories, related in a humorous way — in one economical sentence. Brilliant.

My Hopefully Final Word (Well, More Like a Whole Lotta Words) on the Krugman Election Controversy, Responding to the Half-Hearted Defense of Krugman Proposed by Tom Maguire

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Tom Maguire thinks he has come up with an explanation for Paul Krugman’s recent assertion that two of three recounts of undervotes would have given the 2000 election to Al Gore. If Maguire is right, then Krugman’s assertion is still dishonest — but in a slippery and underhanded fashion, rather than a blatant and easily disproved fashion.

That sounds more like the Krugman we know and love! Which makes me think Maguire is on to something.

Warning: the following post contains some painful resurrected details of the 2000 post-election brouhaha. If reading those details stressed you out then, re-living them today may have similar effects. Pregnant mothers and those with weak hearts are warned that they proceed at their own risk.


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