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“Hard to Imagine”?

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A recent L.A. Times article says:

It’s hard to imagine any American today not knowing about the childhood traumas of Oprah Winfrey; her rocky romance with beau Stedman Graham; her cycle of dieting, ballooning and dieting; the books she reads; even the amount of money she makes. Oprah may be the most famous woman in America.

Stedman who?

When Race is “Relevant” at the Washington Post

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Michelle Malkin alerts us to a doozy of an example of racial political correctness in the Washington Post. The paper ran a story about local killers at large, and repeated the police description of the killers — but removed their race. It wasn’t “relevant,” you see.

Meanwhile, wait ’till you see when the paper does consider race relevant. (You’ll have to read to the end.)

Here are the details:


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