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See-Dubya: Boosting Bolton

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Those of you reading my guest blogging may have deduced I’m a big fan of ol’ Two-Tone. So’s Henry Sokolski, a non-proliferation expert, who details some of his accomplishments in today’s NRO. Sokolski wonders, as have I, why Bolton’s many accomplishments haven’t gotten more coverage.

Well, come on, Dr. Sokolski, which is more important–the fact that Bolton’s the architect of a vastmultinaitonal anti-proliferation regime that’s stopped eleven shipments of WMD material in the last nine months, even though some of the countries helping us don’t want to admit helping us, OR the fact that he once put his hands on his hips and spoke sharply to the Rainbow Lady?

For the Democratic party, it’s all about preserving a respectful demeanor. That’s what Howard Dean tells me.

I’ve long said that Bolton is overqualified for the UN, but since the fact is that the UN is a club being used by our enemies to snipe at the United States and undermine the legitimacy of our self-defense, we have a lot at stake in straightening it out.

(Please note that once again I’ve counted coup on Junkyard Blog in spotting a mention of the PSI.)

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