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Michael Kranish and “Trust-Me Journalism”

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Michael Kranish had his chance to do trust-me journalism about John Kerry and his military career. He failed, miserably — apparently slandering a good man in the process.

Now he is reporting on John Kerry’s military documents, and he wants us to trust him again.

No way.

Publish the documents.

2 Responses to “Michael Kranish and “Trust-Me Journalism””

  1. Something here smells

    In Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records, the Boston Globe’s Michael Kranish says that a review of the records by the Globe staff reveals … nothing. In fact, says Kranish, the records show that Kerry received commendations and reco…

    Mark in Mexico (59ce3a)

  2. […] UPDATE: Unlike the records released to Stephen Braun, which were released by Kerry’s Senate office (see link above), the records released to the Boston Globe’s Michael Kranish were apparently released to the paper directly from the Navy. (Thanks to Psyberian for the pointer.) But without Kerry releasing them to the public, this means nothing to me, because I don’t trust Kranish. To see why, read this post and the links cited therein. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Swift Vets . . . Again (421107)

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