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Because I Like Problems.

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Xrlq’s new terms of use (no link!) specify a 75 word limit, along with hyperlink, for quotations. Therefore, I present to you the following:

If the Dems do not filibuster a single judicial candidate between now and January 20, 2009, or if the first filibuster is met with the same “nuclear” response the Republicans should have brought last week, Paul wins a bottle of Merlot, of a label of his choice, price not to exceed $20.00. Otherwise, I win a bottle of a type of my choice, subject to the same price constraints. Basically, I win either way. I’m open…

That quotation is 76 75 words long, and I didn’t include a link! HA!

The terms of use are a good joke. I particularly enjoy #15.

5 Responses to “Because I Like Problems.”

  1. I like #6.

    Patterico (e1f9fc)

  2. You guys think I’m kidding, eh? Looks like the Clam overlooked the self-help provision of Section 14. Oh yeah, it wasn’t even there at the time. Ha!

    Xrlq (6c76c4)

  3. Sheer blog beauty.

    Angry Clam (f05866)

  4. Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, you two.

    Shouldn’t you just rent a room?

    Paul Deignan (664c74)

  5. My personal favorite is #13. While the rest are insanely one-sided in my favor, #13 is just insane.

    Xrlq (717f9d)

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