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President Biden’s Approval Numbers and the Problem With the GOP

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[guest post by Dana]

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Let’s check in with the two major political parties and see what’s up these days.

We’ll start with the Democrats and President Joe Biden. Unfortunately, his approval ratings continue to go south:

The president’s approval rating sank to a new low of just 38%, with 53% disapproving. Biden’s -15% net approval rating is measurably worse than his -9% approval in the CNBC December survey. What’s more, his approval rating on the economy dropped for a fourth straight survey to just 35%, with 60% disapproving, putting the president a deep 25 points underwater.

The president also saw double-digit declines, on a year-over-year basis, in economic approval among key constituencies who helped to put him in office: women aged 18-49, people of color and young Americans aged 18-35.

The president’s handling of the war in Ukraine barely fares better with 40% approving and 49% disapproving. His new proposal to tax unrealized gains splits the country in half with 43% in favor and exactly as many opposed to the measure.

The report points out that inflation is a problem for Biden from both sides of the aisle:

Jay Campbell, partner at Hart Research and the Democratic pollster for the survey, said the problem for Biden is that the inflation issue is bipartisan.

“Cost of living has just blown everything else, including Covid, out of the water. And part of the reason for that is, there are attitudes about the economy that are largely a partisan phenomenon,″ he said. “That is not the case with inflation, or at least not right now. It is the top issue for Democrats, independents and Republicans.”

And the latest Gallup poll isn’t much better. Surprisingly, he’s lost the support of young people:

Joe Biden’s recent job approval ratings, which are averaging 14 points lower than those early in his presidency, have declined far more among younger than older generations of Americans. In fact, Biden’s job approval has changed relatively little among baby boomers and not at all among traditionalists. As a result, older Americans are now more likely to approve of the president than younger Americans are…

During Biden’s honeymoon period, 60% of both Generation Z adults and millennials approved of the job he was doing, putting these groups above the national average approval rating. His support was below the national average among baby boomers (53%) and, especially, traditionalists (48%) early in his presidency.

By the summer, as coronavirus cases unexpectedly rose, Biden had lost significant support among Generation Z, millennials and Generation X, ranging from seven- to 10-percentage-point drops. But his approval rating held steady among baby boomers and traditionalists.

All generational groups have become less approving of Biden since the summer, after the troubled U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in late August 2021, with the exception of traditionalists, whose approval has not changed.

On the Republican side, Trump still appears to have the GOP in his grip. These days, while coy about whether he’s going to run in 2024, he wants you to know all about his, um, honesty:

At a rally in Selma, NC on Saturday the former president defended himself from the multiple investigations probing his tax affairs and his attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

“‘You know, you’ve been investigated years and years, millions and millions of pages of documents, they found nothing,’” Mr. Trump said, supposedly quoting private remarks from a friend. “‘You are the cleanest on Earth when you think about it.’”

He continued: “I think I’m the most honest human being, perhaps, that God ever created.” As laughter broke out from his supporters, Mr. Trump added: “Perhaps.”

This is funny because at the same rally, he said:

“The presidential election was rigged and stolen.”

“The truth is,” Trump said, “I ran twice. I won twice.”

Given President Biden’s poor showing these days, the Republicans look to have a good shot at taking the House, and possibly the Senate in the midterms. Who knows about the presidential election in 2024, but if the GOP is hoping to see a Republican in the Oval Office, Mitch McConnell might want to consider what the real problem is, and actually do something about it.


20 Responses to “President Biden’s Approval Numbers and the Problem With the GOP”

  1. Hello.

    Dana (5395f9)

  2. Given President Biden’s poor showing these days, the Republicans look to have a good shot at taking the House, and possibly the Senate in the midterms.

    I agree. If they make their campaigns about Biden, and keep Trump at a distance. Only Trump could lose to Biden.

    nk (1d9030)

  3. I’ll take DeSantis but it does take some people a bit of time to figure out Trump was right about certain things.

    Obudman (2d52ed)

  4. And having said that, I want Biden to succeed. A strong America with a strong President, a strong economy, and a strong foreign policy is more important to me than whether a dozen or so random hogs snuffling in the public trough have an (R) or a (D) after their names.

    nk (1d9030)

  5. Why is it unfortunate that Biden’s approval numbers continue to go south? His proposals and plans ate diametrically opposed to the success of the United States and her citizens.

    NJRob (0f9ea2)

  6. @5 Biden and the democratic establishments job since 1933 (FDR) is to protect the conservatives from themselves. That is why it is unfortunate. Conservates are ideological and will push their ideology regardless of the consequences. Reagan adm. pushing milton freedman’s free trade economics till it discredited the republican establishment and allowed populists like trump (really conservative democrat populist) to take over the republican party. In 2018 after clinton and den. establishment was discredited in the 2016 election they could no longer prevent the left from slowly taking over the democrat party. AOC and the squad would not have the influence in dem. party that they have now if clinton had won. DNC got enough black votes to drag biden across the line in 2020 over bernie sanders ;but a 2022 congressional wipeout will take out moderate pro-DNC democrats not leftists in heavily blue districts who will gain more power. If nancy pelosi survives as minority leader she will have to give the left even more power in the party. Veep harris has no base even among blacks and buttigeig is not acceptable to black voter. Hispanic voters love AOC, she got bernie california and nearl texas and az. She could take on biden in the unlikely event he runs in 2024. Thats why its unfortunate. Most of you here don’t understand democrat inside party politics that started with wallace/truman split in 1948.

    asset (c2fb08)

  7. Asset,

    Projection is your finest quality.

    NJRob (137c30)

  8. #4 nk – It’s good to hear from a patriot — and rarer than it ought to be.

    What’s even worse to my mind than those who are just out for money (“random hogs snuffling in the public trough”) are those who trade lives for power, for example, by blocking sensible anti-COVID measures in order to appeal to those who believe in magic potions, and other such nonsense.

    Jim Miller (406a93)

  9. Thank you, Jim. And just for you (if the link works):
    The truth behind high oil prices.

    nk (1d9030)

  10. And having said that, I want Biden to succeed.

    I want him to succeed at those things that benefit America. Not all of what he wants to do benefits America. I particularly want him to outlive Mr Putin, without having to fight a war in Poland. Domestically, to succeed he will have to come to his senses on some things, and I am not sure he can (or will be allowed to).

    The wing of the Democrat Party that wants draconian action on “climate change” or confiscatory taxation, or requiring LBGTQ+ experience for high school graduation is unlikely to let him drift to the center. They’re complaining loudly already.

    Inflation cannot be dealt with while driving oil companies out of business at the same time. It cannot be helped by jacking up taxes on the rich, or by printing more money to offset current inflation (a really bad idea), or by cute little slogans like “Whip Inflation Now!”

    Hopefully the Nixon-era wage and price control law is repealed.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  11. Most of you here don’t understand democrat inside party politics that started with wallace/truman split in 1948.

    Henry Wallace was a follower of Soviet Communism until the early 1950s, when he finally agreed that Stalin was a monster. In 19048, however, he championed the USSR and ran on a platform of rapprochement. He got far fewer votes then that George Wallace (a southern conservative populist) did 20 years later.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  12. BTW, I expect the GOP to take the House and gain in the Senate. Then I expect them to lose it as they engage in Trumipst idiocies, like impeaching Biden for The Steal, instead of pushing legislation that the People like at Biden, whose Left will make him veto it.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  13. asset, why the fixation on AOC? Her prescription is Robinhood on steroids. Take from the rich, government redistribution, government programs, and somehow this time it will suddenly work. You may think, we’re not shooting for Cuba or Venezuela, but on some idealized version of Sweden or Denmark. The problem is that our Democratic-Socialists are just not honest about Sweden…or just haven’t talked to a Swede. It’s certainly true that Sweden taxes the rich more heavily and has more welfare programs. But what too few of the squad understands is that Sweden (1) taxes “the poor” much much higher than we do (think over 50%), (2) that education was largely privatized (read school choice), (3) that social security was privatized, (4) does not have a minimum wage, (5) has a lower corporate tax rate than the U.S., and (6) that the government interferes less (read regulates less) than our government does. In short, capitalism is allowed to thrive to accommodate the high tax rates. That ain’t the mantra of Bernie or AOC. Many on the Right would love to have those 6 items above.

    Also, Sweden is less than 11M and has popular support for their interesting mix of welfare and pro-market system. In the U.S., you have +45% of the population who is adamantly opposed to that mix and another 15% who are at least skeptical. Maybe you get something like consensus to go this route in Massachusetts, but are you really going to impose democratic socialism on Texas and Utah? Really!? So I get AOC’s schtick. She’s an attractive woman of color that aspires to be the modern day Robinhood. I get it. She is intoxicated by the thought of spending other people’s money….and some get excited about getting money for nothing….that there is some magic Nirvana out there if only we believe.

    Going hard Left is the wrong prescription for a country already politically tearing itself apart. AOC is just another political huckster selling an unrealistic fantasy. She will hopefully be kept on the sideline….

    AJ_Liberty (3cb02f)

  14. Western europe and canada are democratic socialist. Which AOC advocates. The socialist party usa will tell you that democratic socialists unlike them do not want the government to take over the means of production ;but to just regulate their excesses. Where has conservatives gotten too by opposing social security and medicare? Trump and bush won by supporting them. Reagan had to tip to around them calling it reform same when bush tried to privatize social security. AOC is talking about the social welfare state and taxing not taking over private companies. Cuba and venezuela were taken over when capitalism didn’t work for the poor and are being sabotage by u.s. government and business. Columbia next door is capitalism in action with illegal drugs their main export. We here about the number of deaths communism is responsible for ;but not the number of deaths capitalism is responsible for which is much larger. I happen to like AOC she is a sweet girl.

    asset (fd6325)

  15. At my age the only thing that impresses me is the hope of the younger generation. Us old farts are not that impressive.

    asset (fd6325)

  16. Did you know that Sweden has almost no cash transactions. I was over there before Covid and almost everything is electronic. Even the pay-toilets want a card. Church donations are by app. Trying to use Swedish money in Sweden just gives you a blank stare, like it was Confederate currency.

    This of course lets the State track everything and makes tax cheating very very hard.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  17. The socialist party usa will tell you that democratic socialists unlike them do not want the government to take over the means of production ;but to just regulate their excesses

    Like “excess profits” which is short for “that money could be ours, not yours.”

    Cuba and venezuela were taken over when capitalism didn’t work for the poor and are being sabotage by u.s. government and business.

    Yeah, except for the US refusing to deal with them, Cuba and Venezuela would be paradises, and Mao regretted every million he had killed.

    How old are you? Twelve?

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  18. @17 America has the highest number of people in prison and jail because capitalism works so well. Also are mortality rate is that of a third world country because we don’t have national health care. Our homeless including veterans is disgraceful. Tennessee is passing a law making it a crime to be homeless on public land. The law in all its magnificent equality forbids the rich man as well as the poor man from sleeping under a bridge. (les miserable)

    asset (b9b676)

  19. Life expectancy 1870: world average: 30. Europe and America: 36
    Life expectancy 1900: world average: 32. Europe and America: 43/41
    Life expectancy 1913: world average: 34. Europe and America: 47/45
    Life expectancy 1950: world average: 46. Europe and America: 62/59
    Life expectancy 1970: world average: 57. Europe and America: 70/65
    Life expectancy 2000: world average: 66. Europe and America: 73
    Life expectancy 2017: world average: 73. Europe and America: 78/77

    This pretty much tracks the rise of capitalism.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  20. Capitalism ended slavery as the two are incompatible. Capitalism, and particularly manufacturing, requires willing, trained workers. The industrialization of England, and later the northern parts of America made slavery unworkable in those areas.

    However, agricultural feudalism did not need anything more than endless simple labor, so where capitalism was not present, slavery (and serfdom) persisted.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

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