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Comments Hopefully Fixed (UPDATE: Now they are) (UPDATE: Working on Remaining Problems!)

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Let me know if you are still having problems.

UPDATE: OK, not yet. But we’re working on it.

UPDATE 2: Admin Guy says “getting closer.”

UPDATE 3: Admin Guy says “Fixed one issue. Now for the next one!”

UPDATE 5 BY PATTERICO: OK. First let me apologize for this. In dealing with a spam problem I took actions that broke the blog. Admin Guy has been working hard to fix my mistakes. We are aware of the problems with comments identified by nk: specifically, that recent comments are not working, that people keep having to sign in anew to comment, and that the layout is screwed up. These are only some of the remaining problems but I have asked the Admin Guy to focus on them in that order. We (meaning he) will keep working on it. In the meantime I appreciate your patience.

Constitutional Vanguard: About That Insane Moment at the Academy Awards — No, Not That One

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Not the Chris Rock thing, but the thing where the Academy was incredibly blind to its history with Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski:

The Academy and the movie industry have a real sexual harassment problem. And then they do this?

You realize women can harass men, right? Well, apparently the writers of this absurd bit don’t. Presumably they would not have written a skit where a male director calls up several attractive women to the stage and says he will take them backstage, French-kiss them, and make a video of himself doing “freaky stuff” to them. To be followed by the same director moving his hands over the buttocks and near the crotch of two other attractive women. This would not be funny because it is too real — it sounds like any given Monday in Harvey Weinstein’s office — and yet it is thought to be a joke when a woman does it to a man.

Bonus Chris Rock joke:

Remember how Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked in her confirmation hearing: “What is a woman?” KBJ ought to have answered the question by saying, “a woman is someone who gets to make fun of Will Smith or his wife without getting slapped.”

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