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See If You Can Read This Article without Your Eyes Rolling All the Way Back in Your Head

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[guest post by JVW]

Because the nexus of grievance, privilege, profit, celebration, and exploitation is so crowded and full of various twists and turns which can send the earnest progressive astray, I submit this crazy story which appeared in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times. It’s worth reading the whole thing, just to be blown away by how petty and childish today’s intersectionality game truly is, but for fun I am only going to include paragraphs which contain some sort of obnoxious buzzword or catchphrase of the wokedy-woke. See if you can still piece together the entire narrative:

Last week, the publisher of “Bad and Boujee: Toward a Trap Feminist Theology” pulled it from distribution after critics raised concerns about the white author’s qualifications to write on the book’s stated topics of the “Black experience, hip-hop music, ethics, and feminism.”

Among those critics was author Sesali Bowen, who coined the concept of trap feminism years ago. At its core was how people attempt to celebrate Black women without talking about their lived experiences. Things like copying the aesthetics of musicians such as Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion without giving them attribution or linking it to their lives.

[. . .]

So she was taken aback when earlier this year, white academic Jennifer Buck released a theology book on trap feminism. While Bowen first introduced the concept of trap feminism nearly a decade ago, she said Buck did not approach her while researching “Bad and Boujee.” The idea of talking about Black women, but not directly engaging with them about their lived experiences, gets to the core of why Bowen first felt the need to label this era and concept of trap feminism.

Bowen coined the term in 2014, taking its name from a hip-hop genre that originated in the South. “Trap” is slang for a house where drugs are sold and the music references street life, violence, poverty and many of the experiences Black people face in the South.

[. . .]

Bowen’s 2021 book “Bad Fat Black Girl: Notes from a Trap Feminist” summarizes the niche topic: “Trap feminism says that Black girls who have ever rocked bamboo earrings, dookie braids, Baby Phat, lace fronts, or those who have worked as hoes, scammers, call-center reps, at daycares, in retail, and those who sell waist trainers and mink lashes on Instagram are all worth the same dignity and respect we give Michelle Obama and Beyoncé.”

[. . .]

“I think the fact that Jennifer Buck does not have the lived experience that makes her the person to write about trap feminism or Black feminism is honestly just the salt in the wound,” Bowen said. “Now we’re also dealing with issues around cultural appropriation, culture vulturing and just kind of like cultural voyeurism that is just icky, you know. It’s just cringe and I hate that we are still doing this in 2022.”

[. . .]

“I did this research directly interviewing women running trap with a research team of primarily black women. Everyone was paid well — those who helped me conduct the research and those interviewed,” Buck wrote. “I will also add: I believe anti-racist work is the work of white people to do, which includes hiring and elevating black voices and all historically marginalized voices in doing theology.”

Author Chanequa Walker-Barnes joined a chorus of voices on Twitter decrying Buck’s approach to this topic within Black culture. One of Walker-Barnes’ first books was published by Wipf and Stock Publishers, a Christian publishing house, which also released “Bad and Boujee” this February.

“It’s not that White scholars can’t write about Black women, but it has to be done with extreme care, a whole lot of cultural sensitivity and humility, and in relationships of accountability with Black women,” Walker-Barnes wrote on Twitter. “And it would probably need a Black woman editor.”

[. . .]

“We humbly acknowledge that we failed Black women in particular, and we take full responsibility for the numerous failures of judgment that led to this moment,” the publisher said in a statement. “Our critics are right: we should have seen numerous red flags, including but not limited to the inappropriateness of a White theologian writing about the experience of Black women (the issue of cultural appropriation is pervasive, from cover to content), the lack of Black endorsers, and the apparent lack of relationship with Black scholars, especially those who originated the trap feminist discourse.”

[. . .]

“I want to call it kind of a psychological violence, if you will. Professor Buck starts this s—storm and then to just turn away from it,” Bowen said. “She has refused so far to engage in this conversation that she has started. That’s not what trap feminism is all about. Because a trap feminist can fight her battles, be accountable and hold people accountable.”

If you are scoring at home, here is a handy word-cloud of all of that academic psychobabble jargon you have just been treated to [note: I have tried to remove most of the anodyne words which mean nothing to the intersectionality racket]:

As for me, I find everyone involved in this fracas to be highly annoying. To be sure, it’s pretty obnoxious when the white author, Jennifer Buck, writes a book centered around a pseudo-intellectual pop culture academic term and doesn’t even bother to consult with the woman who coined the term to begin with. But by the same token, Sesali Bowen’s overreaction to this slight — her invocation of “psychological violence” and all that sort of hogwash — is so over the top as to render her argument meaningless. And why anyone would agree to publish with a publishing house that is apparently both editorially incompetent and rife with cowardly executives is beyond me. I hope they have fun destroying the initial print run.

I could read this article a dozen times and still fail to designate a hero to this story or anyone to really root for as far as that goes, and I am happy to see them form an intellectual firing circle and blast away at each other. The sooner and more thoroughly that this ugly race-hustling with the thinnest veneer of academic legitimacy is consigned to the trash bin of history, the better off all of us will be. Until then, I’m glad that it seems like everyone here loses in some way.


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