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You’re Alive

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I look down the row of headlines for a topic and see a shooting in New York City, war in Ukraine, continued ravages of inflation . . . in other words, the usual misery.

Let’s forget about that today and find three things to be grateful for.

The first is common to all of us: we are alive. Once we weren’t, and once again we will not be, but for now, we are. Our time here is precious. Let’s take a moment and recognize it.

The second is common to many of us: we live in the United States of America. To whatever degree you feel oppressed by your government or its policies, it’s worse somewhere else. You didn’t like lockdowns? At least you’re not screaming from the windows in Shanghai, or locked up in a Chinese or North Korean concentration camp. You think society is uncivil? At least drunk soldiers aren’t coming to your house, raping the women and killing the men. It could be — and in many places is — far worse.

The third, you should come up with on your own. No matter how bad things are, it could be worse. You could have locked-in syndrome, unable to communicate except by blinking your left eye. Chances are you have more than one thing to be grateful for. Pick one.

Now imagine that person or thing has been taken away. One day it will be, as everything is taken away. Imagine that day is today. Really visualize the person or thing’s absence.

Now realize it hasn’t been taken away yet, and be extra grateful today for that fact.

P.S. I have been working up a newsletter about the Jon Stewart/Andrew Sullivan kerfuffle. It’s taking a while but I think it will be pretty good when it goes out. Admin Guy still has things to do with recent comments; we’re aware of it. Thanks for your patience on both fronts.

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