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Hillary vs. Rubio. Hillary wins.

Fred Thompson, 1942-2015

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[guest post by JVW]

Farewell to Fred Thompson, lawyer-turned-actor-turned-politician who was one of the wittiest minds in Washington. Elected to serve out Al Gore’s term in the Senate in 1994, he won reelection two years later and served a full term before retiring in 2002. He ran for President in 2008, quickly establishing himself (along with Mike Huckabee) as the candidate with the best off-the-cuff — and perhaps sometimes rehearsed — quips:

In the Age of Obama, Thompson settled into the role as a Republican party elder statesman while quietly battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with stoicism and dignity. All the while, he kept up a steady stream of posts on Twitter and Facebook most of which ranged from the clever to the hilarious, and specialized in poking fun at progressive sacred cows. Here was his final tweet from a month ago, unloading on Virgin’s pompous CEO Richard Branson:

He was an accomplished gentleman, successful in all of his endeavors. He was by all accounts a kind and friendly man, easygoing and quick with a smile. And he was a principled and honest conservative who would have made a fine President back when that office required a higher level of seriousness than it does today.

Rest in peace.


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