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A Police Officer with a Sense of Humor

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A break-in at the University of Texas was described by a responding officer as follows:

Officers discovered entry into the room had been made through the ceiling. The A/C ceiling vent was laying on the floor along with dust and other ceiling materials. Officers began searching the office and discovered a masked non-UT subject attempting to hide by hanging onto the wall molding and a window blind.

The subject refused to comply with the officers’ requests to come out with his hands up. The subject even refused the officers’ coaxing when the officer handed over the Jack in the Box french fries. The non-UT subject escaped through an open window and evaded the officers. The non-UT subject was described as: three feet tall, last seen wearing a brown and black striped coat, furry gloves and black mask over his eyes.

These criminals are ubiquitous. We have had some fitting that description around our house.

Stacy McCain on Rauhauser and Friends

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Stacy McCain:

I consider every claim made by Kimberlin and Rauhauser to be a deliberate lie until proven otherwise. Kimberlin is a convicted perjurer who has been described as a con man, and Rauhauser’s habitual dishonesty is so easily demonstrated that I do not hestitate to say of him, as Mary McCarthy said of Lillian Hellman, that every word he says is a lie, including “and” and “the.”

The motive for Rauhauser’s deceit is obvious enough to anyone with common sense, but as a journalist, I am content to let the wheels of justice continue turning slowly, knowing they grind exceedingly fine.

McCain is a stand-up guy who means it when he says he is standing with those of us who have suffered harassment at the hands of Kimberlin and Rauhauser. Go read his whole post.

Then, if you want to hear something amusing, listen to this BlogTalkRadio program. Rauhauser calls in at 44:20 and callers spend the better part of an hour calling him a psychopath, a stalker, and a publisher of insane gibberish. He dodges questions about paying child support, Brett Kimberlin, and what he does for a living. It’s pretty amusing (and bizarre) stuff.

Listen to internet radio with Vince in the Bay on Blog Talk Radio

P.S. William Hoge’s blog is worth your time as well.

Open Thread

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I got nothin’. Tell me what’s interesting.

Server Move

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We’re moving to a new server this morning that should help with the performance issues the site has been having during the past week. The process has started, but it will be a while before everything is transferred to the new server. Comments will be disabled while the database is being transferred to the new server.

UPDATE: The database move is complete. If you’re seeing this message, you’re in the right place! If you run into any issues, please report them as comments on this post.

UPDATE BY PATTERICO: This post and the first update were actually written by the admin and not by me. Anyway, let me know how the new server works out.

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