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Just got off the phone with my friend — the same guy helping Anita Busch and the victims of the Aurora shooting, as it happens. Also the guy who, years and years ago, designed the “Patterico’s Pontifications” banner and newspaper you see at the top of this site.

I’ll have to ask him later if he wants any publicity. Given the enemies I have, he may say no.

I started to write a post about how he seemed to have put a Band-aid on the wound I opened this morning by messing with my Main Index Template. Then I tried saving the post and it didn’t save. And the site is hanging up once again — off and on. One second it’s doing fine. The next, it’s screwing up.

Anyway, my friend plans to do some improvement and upgrades in coming days. I apologize for the horrible problems most of you had today (inability to load the sidebar, inability to fully load the site, inability to comment, etc.). All I can tell you is, we’re working on it. I’m not completely sure when it will get better.

A denial of service attack is not impossible, but I tend to believe there is a mundane explanation.

Whatever the cause, it may be a bumpy ride for a couple of days.

I’m not sure how to thank my friend, so for now I’ll just say: thanks, buddy.

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