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Simon Cowell SWATted

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He appears to be the first of the celebrity SWATting victims to have been home when it happened:

Beverly Hills police responded to a call that someone had been tied up and needed help at “X Factor” judge Simon Cowell’s house, but the report turned out to be false, authorities said Monday.

The caller initially told Beverly Hills police that the person had been tied up with duct tape and gave an address outside of city limits, according to authorities. The caller then said the incident was taking place at “Simon Cowell’s” house, which is in Beverly Hills.

Agence France-Presse adds:

The police spokesman added that Sunday’s incident was rather amateurish.

“The call was so ridiculously done it had no credibility with the dispatcher … The dispatcher immediately suspected it was a fake,” he said, although officers were sent to check out the report just in case.

If they never catch anyone, it encourages copycats.

Blatant L.A. Times Bias Against Israel

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L.A. Times, November 23, 2012:

The cease-fire between Israel and Hamas was tested Friday when a group of Gazan youths approached the border in an area Israel considers an off-limits buffer zone. One young man was shot and killed, Palestinian officials said. Nineteen other people were reportedly injured.

The shootings marked the first episode of violence since the cease-fire went into effect.

It did? Israel was the first to break the cease-fire? Are you sure you want to stick to that story?

L.A. Times, November 21, 2012:

Whether the truce holds remains to be seen. Though most of the major Palestinian factions joined Hamas in Cairo to negotiate the deal, smaller, Al Qaeda-inspired extremist groups in Gaza have proved difficult to control.

Even after the cease-fire took effect, about half a dozen rockets were fired into Israel.

Oh well. Probably the reporter for the most recent story was simply unaware of the rocket attacks mentioned in the earlier story?

Um, no. Both stories were written by the same reporter: Edmund Sanders.

They are, quite simply, lying to their readers.

Thanks to df, who blogged this here.

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