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Why Conservatives Ask Akin to Go

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While every notable pundit who lives in the real world has agreed that Akin must go, there are apparently some not fitting that description who think the GOP has turned on its own — and that if Akin loses, it’s our fault and not his (!). It’s a convenient position that allows these pundits to blame Akins’s all-but-inevitable loss on those trying to get him out of the race. Why, oh why, would conservatives turn on him like that? Because we want him to get out of the race — because he compounded an initial gaffe with dumb interview after dumb interview, stomping repeatedly on his own junk, blaming the liberal media, and generally fumbling and stumbling his way through. Because he’s an idiot. Former supporters like William Jacobson, Dana Loesch, and others are now urging him to go. Will it work? Maybe not . . . but maybe. And it’s probably our only chance.

He’s not unfit for office, but the voters will probably find him so. We keep hearing about how we should sing an anthem to the fact that the Voters Have Spoken (well, 36% of them, anyway) — but when they speak in November, it will be our fault, apparently, and not the incompetent moron politician’s fault.

That said, I agree with Paul Mirengoff entirely (h/t daleyrocks):

The problem with Akin’s statement – and it is a very big problem – lies in his view that the female body has ways to shut down its reproductive process in response to rape, such that pregnancies resulting from rape are “really rare.” The evidence strongly contradicts this assertion. Akin’s embrace of junk science not supported by data represents the same kind of triumph of ideology over facts that, as noted above, some feminists are guilty of.

. . . .

Was Akin’s comment stupid and offensive? Yes, in the sense I just described, though not in the sense that some have claimed.

Does Akin’s continued candidacy jeopardize the chance to defeat Claire McCaskill? Yes, if we’re lucky. If we’re unlucky, it destroys that chance.

Do the Republicans deserve a better candidate than Akin, even apart from concerns over electability? Yes.

Is Akin unfit to be a U.S. Senator because of his remark? No, in my opinion, provided that he repudiates his view that pregnancies caused by rape are really rare.

Would Akin be a better Senator than Claire McCaskill? Yes, just compare their voting records in Congress.

Meanwhile, Ace explains the meaning of forcible rape in the guise of Detective Munch.

P.S. It’s worth remembering that Barack would apparently allow women and their doctors to kill their babies at any moment until they’re born — and perhaps (through medical neglect) even after birth. I would venture to say that’s a bigger deal than a dumb gaffe about “legitimate rape.” Too bad Akin couldn’t, say, effectively make that point?

Joe Biden: I Have Known Three Presidents Intimately

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Joe Biden: the gift that keeps on giving:


The bit about knowing presidents intimately is silly fun but this is worth watching for the substantive point he’s trying to make. He really, truly wants you to believe that a guy who waited until an election year to unilaterally enact parts of the DREAM Act and reveal his true position on gay marriage is too high-minded to make policy with an eye to political considerations. Pro tip for Slow Joe: The reason he never asks “how do I benefit from this decision?” at cabinet meetings is because he’s already thought that through. He doesn’t need any input on it from you and Hillary. That’s what Axelrod and Plouffe are for.

All I want to know is: whose name does Joe call out in the middle of the night? Barack? Bill?


Akin: Moron

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Here is Snuffleupagus interviewing Akin:

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Just pathetic. The guy is an idiot and he is delusional.

Winners of Last Week’s Caption Contest

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Here are the winners of our last caption contest, as determined by me and me alone. Your reward: nothing. As a reminder, here was the picture:

And here are the top ten (well, actually, top twelve, as there was a three-way tie for one spot):

10. “Your card was the Eight of Clubs, right?” — SPQR

9. How many Lightworkers does it take to change a light bulb? — Steven Den Beste

8. “My crystal ball says I am no longer the fairest of all.” — bridget

7. “If only I was this bright…” redc1c4

6. “How does this new teleprompter work?” — daleyrocks

5. “I got a damn crystal ball and I still don’t know what Biden will say next.” — Colonel Haiku

4. “THIS,” he said, holding it up for all to see, “is Bush’s fault.” — Icy

There was a three-way tie for third, with three captions along the same lines, each funny in its own way:

3. “Dammit, it keeps asking ‘Try Again.’” — Ag80

3. “Don’t try again, later.” — Elephant Stone

3. Magic 8 Ball says: “Don’t count on it.” — deb smith

Now the top two:

2 “My halo seems to have slipped off.” — htom

1. “You will soon find yourself in a new career.” — Patricia

Our current caption contest is still running, here.

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