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Kimberlin Fan “JusticeLeader” Submits Suspicious and Deceptive Request to Delete Brett Kimberlin Wikipedia Entry

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Wikipedia has received a request to delete Brett Kimberlin’s Wikipedia page. The request, which reads more likely a poorly written legal brief than a Wikipedia request, advances many false and deceptive arguments of the sort Kimberlin has made in the past. The request comes from a newly created Wikipedia account called “JusticeLeader.” Kimberlin is the head of a nonprofit called “Justice Through Music.”

Notably, the request uses the Kimberlin/Rauhauser “accuse the accusers” technique, in which unsubstantiated accusations are used as proof that the accusation is true:

[M]uch of the information cited is not reliable, such as information attributed to Mark Singer who Brett sued for defamation and breach of contract, and who settled the case in a manner agreed to by Brett. Other information cited from the Indianapolis papers is not reliable because much of that information was determined by a judge to be unreliable and inadmissible in court. Information about the civil suit is unreliable because the judge in the case, Michael Dugan, solicited a bribe from Brett’s lawyer and was convicted of taking bribes and sent to prison for 18 years. Information from Brett’s trials is unreliable because it involved the use of hypnosis on six witnesses, which has since been banned in all criminal cases in the United States. The information about swatting is unreliable because Brett had nothing to do with any swatting, has cooperated fully with the FBI, and those false allegations were made only to smear Brett by pushing them into the mainstream media in order to get them placed in Wikipedia and elsewhere.

Marvel at the way that Kimberlin’s accusation that Singer defamed him is used as evidence that Singer defamed him. Kimberlin’s unsubstantiated accusation that Judge Dugan solicited a bribe from him is used as evidence that Judge Dugan solicited a bribe from him. This method of argument is classic Kimberlin: make an accusation with no proof, and them use that accusation as proof.

In fact, concerning Kimberlin’s claims that his civil judge extorted him for money to rule in his favor, a federal judge has written that “there is no evidence to support those claims.” As for Singer’s book, it is amply documented and Singer is a left-leaning and thorough writer with no ideological axe to grind, who indeed was predisposed to accept Kimberlin’s claims until further investigation revealed what a liar Kimberlin is. Kimberlin’s convictions have been upheld by every court to review them, and the evidence went far beyond hypnotized witnesses to possession of characteristic bomb making materials and timers. As for the claim that the newspaper articles are unreliable because they are inadmissible in court … that’s absurd, as newspaper articles are almost never admissible in court. That has nothing at all to do with whether they are accurate.

Laughably, the request even cites the discredited “Breitbart Unmasked” web site as evidence of alleged threats against Kimberlin. This is a web site that published the divorce records of a commenter of mine who was critical of Kimberlin, as well as pictures of the commenter’s house. This is classic Kimberlin-style intimidation — hardly tactics used by a reputable source of information.

If Kimberlin is behind this effort, he is failing, as the Wikipedia editors don’t appear to be buying the deceptive arguments. It does, however, shine the spotlight on him once again. Is that really what he wants??

Thanks to ACB.

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