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Purity, Common Sense, and The Case of the Missing Comment

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I’m not sure how or why my discussion with Jeff Goldstein spiraled downward so far or so fast. We’re on the same side. We hate what Obama is doing to this country. We’re sick of seeing our children’s future get mortgaged by reckless and irresponsible spending, and the headlong rush into an intrusive European-style socialism.

This makes conservatives angry. But we can decide how to channel that anger. And I don’t see how being among the few, pure, and powerless conservatives is going to help my children’s future.

I stand by my position that Jeff is wrong as a matter of his approach. We need not walk on eggshells to avoid offending those who will take offense no matter what we say. But we can’t use that as an excuse to say to hell with everyone who isn’t already rabidly committed to our side.

We are not conceding an inch when we accept the fact that conservative spokespeople need to be clear-spoken — and thoughtful about how reasonable people will receive their words. I’m talking about speaking to common Americans. I utterly reject the view held by some that Americans not already utterly committed to one party may be ignored, while we preach bold words to an ever-dwindling choir.

Conservatives believe that Americans understand that freedom is the foundation of this country. Too many in America started down the wrong path in the last election. But we can’t hold these people in contempt, and we can’t discount how they will hear the message we preach. Americans are fundamentally reasonable people. And ultimately, our message will win them over — if we preach it in a proud, confident, and positive way.

There’s really nothing more to be said on that issue. That said, there are some charges that have been made that I cannot let stand in public without response.

Like Jeff Goldstein’s claim that I deliberately deleted a comment of his without notice — and his related claims that my “pretend good faith is just a load of shit,” and that I am “[i]nsane and a liar.”

I did not delete the comment Jeff accuses me of deleting without notice. I have an active moderation filter that captures comments for numerous reasons. Last night, Jeff’s comment was automatically placed in moderation, along with 27 other comments. Tonight I fished all 28 of them out — including his, which I saw for the first time this evening, following the above accusations.

I try to clear the moderation filter often, but I am generally busy, and I have been especially busy this week. Between the two comment filters at this site, I often have to wade through literally hundreds of comments to free the substantive ones. I simply don’t have time to monitor the comment filters constantly.

The filtering has nothing to do with blocking dissenting points of view. One of my own comments was among the 28 legitimate comments caught in the filter. The other 27 comments were from 20 people other than myself, including: joker, Allahpundit (3 comments), Dmac, Mark (2 comments), Baxter Greene, ML, Ag80, JannyMae, j curtis, Joe, Jeff G, Pendleton, eaglewingz08 (2 comments), carlitos, Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., daleyrocks (4 comments), Xavier8, Ed from PA, wheeler’s cat, and aoibhneas.

Among other reasons, a comment may enter the filter if it contains 5 or more links. The comment from Jeff G contained 6 links. This is almost certainly the reason it entered the filter.

In addition, I have lied about nothing, and although some may question my sanity from time to time, my team of psychologists assures me that I’m making tremendous progress.

The bold approach of insulting those with whom you disagree has not impressed me. And getting back to the larger picture, I doubt it will impress common-sense Americans either.

And I think it’s about time we conservatives started firing volleys outward and not inward. We agree on the basics. They’re wrong and we’re right. THEY are wrong and WE are right. So let’s stop tearing each other up and go tear THEM up.

I’m done discussing this and I’m not allowing comments on this post.

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