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Ah, the professionalism and layers of editors at the Los Angeles Times.

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A Very Special Episode of “Deport the Criminals First”

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Regular readers know that it’s been a pet issue of Patterico for quite some time to Deport the Criminals First. His point is simple: regardless of how you feel about illegal immigration, everyone can agree that the least desirable illegals — and thus the ones we should be deporting first — are the criminals. So once a criminal has served his time, he should be deported.

Most of the stories Patterico has covered on this beat are tragic — cases where an illegal immigrant has killed multiple victims, or a child.

This is not one of those stories:

As it turns out, Kenosha Sheriff’s deputy Russ Preston wasn’t wearing Batman briefs. 

But that didn’t stop the crime-fighting crusader, who was only wearing boxer-brief underwear at the time, from nabbing a drunken driver in his Racine neighborhood Thursday night.


“When I told him what he did, he just said, ‘Oh, sorry,’” Preston said. “I don’t think this was his first time. He already told me he had been deported once and he had a fake ID.”

You will want to RTWT, if only for some of the choice details provided by a local bank president.  As funny as this story is, it is also a reminder that there are plenty of cases of illegal immigrants committing crimes, causing property damage, raising insurance rates, etc., that will escape public notice precisely because they are not tragic or shocking.


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