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The Washington Post and Abu Zubaydah

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Comments in some recent posts mention a piece in the Washington Post claiming that the harsh interrogation of Abu Zubaida did not foil any significant al Qaeda plots.

Marc Thiessen calls the piece “uninformed or intentionally misleading,” and catalogs the intelligence resulting from the Abu Zubaida interrogations. RTWT.

Still Krugman After All These Years

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[Posted by Karl]

Newsweek puts Paul Krugman on is cover as the Loyal Opposition to Pres. Obama, no doubt because Newsweek finds criticism from the Left to be the only possible loyal opposition. But this charming anecdote is tucked inside:

With dry humor, he once told a friend the story of attending an economic summit in Little Rock after Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992. As the friend recounted the story to NEWSWEEK, “Clinton asked Paul, ‘Can we have a balanced budget and health-care reform?’—essentially, can we have it all? And Paul said, ‘No, you have to be disciplined. You have to make choices.’ Then Paul says to me (deadpan), ‘That was the wrong answer.’ Then Clinton turns to Laura Tyson and asks the same questions, and she says, ‘Yes, it’s all possible, you have your cake and eat it too.’ And then [Paul] says, ‘That was the right answer’.” (Tyson became chairman of Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers; she did not respond to requests to comment.)

Left out of the Newsweek account is that Tyson is currently a member of the Pres. Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and is still churning out agitprop for the nonsensical notion that massive increases in spending on education and healthcare, combined with massive increases in taxes and regulation somehow do not explode the size of government.  Moreover, Tyson is whining about the fact that no one is buying her claptrap:

“We don’t have governments around the world supporting the Obama administration and we don’t have Democrats supporting the Obama administration.”

So here we are, another turn of the 16-year cycle, with Krugman still on the outside, Tyson again on the inside, and we still can’t have it all.  Reality bites, Ms. Tyson.


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