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LAT: Rotten Bastard Unapologetic for His Many Sins

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The L.A. Times reports on Bush’s farewell with this fair and balanced headline: Bush delivers a quiet, unrepentant farewell.

“Unrepentant.” Well, that’s the word I’ll probably use about L.A. Times editors when their paper finally goes under. So why begrudge them the use of that word now?

26 Responses to “LAT: Rotten Bastard Unapologetic for His Many Sins”

  1. shedding no tears as another msm flagship is floundering after repeatedly striking the shoals of truth

    EricPWJohnson (7b1362)

  2. It’s neat watching the Lame Stream Media die in agony. If they were drowning I’d throw them an anchor and tell them sink to the bottom and walk out. I think McDonalds is overloaded with bankrupt bankers so guess the Media hypes will have to stay on unemployment for years.

    Scrapiron (ce69ff)

  3. Wallsten seems to think that Bush should apologize for being unpopular. Clinton tried to run the country based on what the polls said and he didn’t accomplish much, which was good.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

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  5. Classless to the bitter end. Let the man be already. I have my own perspective, but the man, despite his faults, was a decent man who loved his country and had faith in its people.

    Wellsy (f1957b)

  6. The left wing blogs are still in the grip of BDS. Why should the Times, which is only slightly less reliable, be any different ?

    Mike K (2cf494)

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  8. Bush Derangement Syndrome will not go away without a fight.

    The patient wants to have the disease as it absolves them from any blame in their failure.

    I am sure to hear from Obama “the past administration” well into his second year on the job.

    Da'Shiznit (dc4a50)

  9. daleyrocks, that’s your best post EVER.

    Right on target.

    Icy Texan (b7d162)

  10. The Dog Traner’s current headline for the online version of the article is “Bush defends legacy in farewell address”. I’m guessing someone at the DT saw the post and the reaction to it and decided to make a change in the headline. No mention of why of course.

    Stu707 (7fb2e7)

  11. Let’s finish them off: Do Not Buy the LAT, the NYT or the WaPo.

    Then we can celebrate.

    MTF (a04f28)

  12. Interesting. ‘Unrepentant’ was the (accurate) adjective everyone applied to ‘terrorist’ when (accurately) discussing Bill Ayers. Which made all the lefties mad. But they think calling Bush an ‘unrepentant terrorist’ is perfectly reasonable discourse.

    Dodd (fbfada)

  13. I think we should all call him that, “THE UNREPENTANT PRESIDENT WHO KEPT US SAFE”

    Mita (a78307)

  14. and he didn’t accomplish much, which was good.

    I tend to disagree – refusing Yemen’s offer to take OBL off their hands, refusing to fight Frank’s disinclination to rein in Fannie and Freddy, and the awesomely talented duo of Reno and Freeh. Clinton knows that Gingrich basically saved his arse.

    Dmac (eb0dd0)

  15. I’ll call GWB a man who had the bully pulpit but who wouldn’t defend himself, and who remained nearly silent while those who hated him used every dirty low-down underhanded trick to trash him and his administration. He’s the man who I hold largely responsible for the decline of the GOP and consequently, the rise of Socialism in the USA.

    I’m sorry to say GWB is the fool who tried to appoint Harriot Meyers to the SCOTUS, he’s the idiot who pushed amnesty for illegals, and he’s the nitwit who backed the Dems financial bailout scam, and fair or not he’s also the guy who didn’t get Osama bin Ladin. 9/11 happened on GWB’s watch and the murdering scum behind it is still above ground and breathing fresh air, and that’s just not good enough for an American President.

    It wasn’t all bad, GWB did a lot of good things too, and for that he deserves credit and recognition. His accomplishments are many and some are even grand, but his failures are too many and too great to ignore.

    I wish him well, I think he’s a good man and for the most part he’s been a pretty good leader, and I’d gladly see him in office rather than Obama any day of the week.

    Ropelight (d40bc3)

  16. I saw the cheap shot at the Associated Press, aka the Always Pustulent news service; I saw what you mentioned in Dog Trainer. But the NYT did them both one better; I checked the on line version of the NYT this morning–and couldn’t find any mention of the speech. To them, it never happened.

    I did see Paul Krugman’s rantings about the need to hold hearings and get to the bottom of Bush’s evil years etc in today’s NYT. What Krugman, who is allegedly a bright man, can’t seem to get his arms around is that the difference between the USA and any number of banana republics is that we let our departing Presidents go in peace when their term is up. Krugman wants to institute a regimen of taking the outgoing President out in the plaza and lining them up before a firing squad. Of course, considering that this Democrat congress is a gang that can neither shoot nor talk straight, the firing squad would most probably misfire.

    These deranged twits don’t perceive the logical outcome of what they are asking for. Do we really want to become a country where we literally decapitate all outgoing Presidents? Does Krugman want to see the Anointed One standing in front of the same firing squad when his term is up? I don’t think so–but then I did say that Krugman is “allegedly” a smart man.

    In the meantime, I’ll permit myself a sour chuckle. Obama’s minions characterized John McCain as “McSame” who would only offer the third term of Bush. I see that Obama is different. He’s offering a combination of the third terms of Bush and Clinton. Meet the New Boss–same as the Old Bosses.

    Mike Myers (674050)

  17. Agree with Mike “We won’t get fooled again” simply means we’re gonna get fooled.

    Richard Oshen (6eaa55)

  18. Mike – They do not want to do that to all Presidents, just Republican ones.

    JD (1e965b)

  19. Hey, if a firing squad would get Jimmy Carter to shut up, I might be persuaded to support it.

    Steverino (69d941)

  20. “Unapologetic” implies there may be nothing for which to apologize. Fair enough if that term had been used.

    “Unrepentant” implies a prior bad act for which repentance is called.

    Oh, well, the LAT can repent at leisure when their sorry enterprise slides beneath the waves. I will miss the Sports coverage, but the rest, not so much.

    furious (dc6e4c)

  21. Knowing perfectly well that if he obeyed the command to return to Rome without his legions he would be prosecuted by his numerous enemies in the Senate, Gaius Julius Caesar marched south to Rome with his legions at his back. Vindictive prosecution of previous office holders encourages serious attempts to continue in office. That sets a really bad precedent.

    Barsinister (3e2f50)

  22. Really pathetic — and Chris Matthews outdid himself last night with his completely unhinged commentary on Bush’s last speech.

    Then they want us to unite?

    Richard Romano (b96fd9)

  23. Bush delivers a quiet, unrepentant farewell.

    To quote the words of someone I assume would be far more merciful toward the LAT than me,

    You (arrogant, disingenuous lying sacks of poo) hypocrites, first take the log (made of hubris and pride and dishonesty) out of your own (non-seeing, self-deceived) eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s (President’s, that’s with a captial P to you bucko) eye.

    p.s. January 16, 2009 – one more day America remained free of terrorist attack. Chalk up another for President Bush.

    Dana (137151)

  24. Forgotten from the Bush Legacy is his appointment of John Miller, a former Republican congressman, to be America’s antislavery czar.

    Neo (cba5df)

  25. Please let the Times follow the NYT on the road to the StarT.

    Dreadnaught (94c96a)

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