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Satanic Cat

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Via Dave from Garfield Ridge comes this extremely frightening link to a video of a satanic cat.

7 Responses to “Satanic Cat”

  1. Was the cat in prison for its behaviour?

    Is that kind of like visiting possessed convicts on death row?

    Chris from Victoria, BC (9824e6)

  2. Crazy and insane and where is the idiots at PETA to defend the cat as they always do with animals when they kill people i mean the idiots at PETA try to defend SHARKS that attack people its too bad a shark did,nt ever atatck a idiot from PETA but then the shark would end up with a bad taste in its mouth

    krazy kagu (6a69d6)

  3. did the cat actually like kill somebody??


    doug deeper (3875b9)

  4. Anytime I see an animal behave this outrageously, without seemingly being provoked, I wonder what happened to make it that way. Abused animals are often mental. And, I’m always baffled when people resent the natural behaviour of other apex predators, such as sharks.

    alexa kim (805401)

  5. All cats are satanic.

    rightwingprof (663991)

  6. WQe had acat climb our christmas tree pretty funny

    krazy kagu (52a738)

  7. Theres a movie BEAKS THE MOVIE in which s man gets eaten by pigeons

    krazy kagu (c6ad08)

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