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Qana Questions

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Confederate Yankee has been raising a lot of questions about Qana. Go to his main page and keep scrolling.

I haven’t had the time to assess the validity of Confederate Yankee’s questions. But apparently, he’s having an impact.

Allah Bryan at Hot Air asks: where were the men? [UPDATE: In comments, Allah says they were there — but like everything else, it’s a fluid question. The locals pointed photographers to the women and children, of course.]

I’m with Allah: “As with Haditha, no one on the right wants to believe what happened at Qana happened the way the media says it did. But … it might have.” It’s still a fluid story; the proximity of Hezbollah to the building remains an open question, depending on how you define “near.”

The key is to keep our eyes open at all times.

It’s the “Substance”

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More reasons why I don’t discuss the “substance.” I’m glad someone does. (Via Xrlq.)

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