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Ace’s Pledge Drive

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Ace is holdng a pledge drive.

Hell, it makes more sense than giving money to Andrew Sullivan.

I sent him a few bucks, and I think you should too.

WaPo Reporter: Israel Wants Its Citizens to Die — for the P.R.!

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A Washington Post reporter says that Israel is deliberately leaving Hezbollah rockets standing, so that Israel can suffer civilian casualties, for the propaganda benefits it brings. He attributes the allegation to “military analysts” — but also says he believes it.

I bet “military analysts” are also telling him the Mossad was behind 9/11 and the doctoring of the Reuters photographs. They read it in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Allah says that this is dangerously close to a blood libel. He’s a master of understatement, that guy.

Adnan Hajj Outs Ace of Spades

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Well, I suppose if we’re going to be complete sticklers for accuracy, Ace of Spades is outing himself.

To be even more accurate, he will be appearing on Fox News Channel at 9 a.m. Eastern tomorrow.

But I blame former Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj, who provided Ace with the incentive to out himself, by altering photos of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict to make Israel’s actions appear more extreme than they were in reality. As I reported on Saturday, Ace was one of the first bloggers in on the action, along with Charles Johnson, Allah, and a blog called Left and Right. (My Pet Jawa is getting in on the act with some good work as well.)

I look forward to seeing what Ace looks like. Go give him some encouragement.

UPDATE: Pablo points out that the interview may not be live, so it may not be airing this morning. No matter. I’m using AllahTivo. I set the controls to “Allah” and let him tape it for me. He says he’ll probably have it on Hot Air later in the day.

Thanks for Your Donations to Officer Kristi Ripatti

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I spent part of last night adding up the funds donated to wounded Officer Kristi Ripatti through this site. She is the heroic officer who sustained a paralyzing injury, after being shot by a violent thug she was chasing through the streets of South Central Los Angeles. (The original post was here. I’m still willing to collect funds for her, or you can send them directly to the address in that post.)

I still need to send many thank-you notes to donors, and finish compiling the list of donors who wish to be mentioned by name.

The total amount collected here was $1200. I have in my hand a check for that amount, made out to Ripatti and Pearce, and I will be delivering it to my colleague Joe Porras at the Compton Courthouse today. He has agreed to deliver it to Ripatti’s husband Tim Pearce, whom he sees regularly.

On behalf of Officer Ripatti’s family, and from me as well, thank you very much for your generosity. I’ll be posting names of donors (who wish to be named) later in the week.

Five Judicial Nominees Returned to Bush; Gang of 14 Deal Still a Disaster for Republicans

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Catching up on blog reading, I see that the Senate has returned several judicial nominations to the White House. The returned nominees include Terrence W. Boyle, William J. Haynes II, Michael B. Wallace, William Gerry Myers III, and N. Randy Smith.

I would be fascinated to hear how members of the “Coalition of the Chillin'” can continue to justify the Gang of 14 deal in light of this.

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