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Judge Taylor Has No Serious Conflict of Interest

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I am not impressed with this criticism of Judge Taylor. (Via Hot Air.) I think Judicial Watch is stretching here. If you want to criticize her for her past meddling in cases to steer them to liberal judges, I think that’s fair game. And of course, criticizing her terrible NSA opinion is a no-brainer. But straining to find financial conflicts of interest where they don’t exist — don’t bother.

Yes, I know the other side would go to town with this if the tables were turned. But that doesn’t make it a scandal. Don’t get me wrong — I have no problem with blogs reporting the facts, but I just don’t think there’s anything there.

The O.J. Posts — Part Three: The Timeline

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[This is Part Three of a series of posts on the O.J. Simpson trial. Part One is here; Part Two is here.]

Stop. Before you go any further, I want you to click on the word “Comments” below. Don’t look at any other comments. Now, tell me how long it takes to drive from the site of Nicole Simpson’s Bundy condo to the site of O.J.’s Rockingham mansion.

I’m talking especially to those of you who believe O.J. didn’t do it. And I’m talking especially to those of you who watched large parts (or all) of the trial.

Once you’ve left your answer, you can hit the “back” button, or simply scroll up to read the rest of this post. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. It’ll take you only a second.


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