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Dissent in the Ranks of L.A. Times Editors on Judicial Filibusters

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Aha! I knew that someone on the L.A. Times editorial board was annoyed that the editors had taken a stance against judicial filibusters. And here is the proof.

I’d like to see Judy Dugan, the author of today’s dissenting editorial, try to back up this claim:

Consider the current circumstances. President Bush’s controversial nominations — Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla R. Owen, William H. Pryor Jr. among them — were made with a political constituency in mind. These judges are friendly to a deeper union of church and state. Well to the right of even their conservative colleagues, they satisfy anti-abortion, anti-homosexual, anti-regulatory absolutists.

Well, Ms. Dugan, at least you got Priscilla Owen’s name right. Your editorial board is improving on that front, since the disgraceful editorial (did you write it?) that inanely referred to “Patricia Owen’s tortured opinions opposing abortion.”

But correctly stating her name, while an improvement, isn’t enough. I’d like to see you correctly state her record as well. Name a single opinion of hers that is anti-abortion or anti-homosexual. Just one. And no, dissents that opine that minors may have abortions — but must first notify their parents — are not “anti-abortion.” They are simply pro-parental involvement.

Your own paper recently wrote a portrait of Owen titled Judge Seen as Conservative, Fair. Did you read it? It said:

The 50-year-old jurist, who also teaches Sunday school, comes across as a mainstream conservative.

Yet you say that Owen is “[w]ell to the right of even [her] conservative colleagues.” So the profile of Owen, by the famously liberal David Savage, was inaccurate? What are your facts to back up that claim? Or do you not even read your own paper??

I’ll give you this: at least you had the guts to sign your name to this piece. I wish all editorials were signed. But if you can’t back up your claims with facts, forgive us if we choose to ignore your feverish ranting about the supposed far-right nature of Bush nominees like the highly qualified and fair Priscilla Owen.

3 Responses to “Dissent in the Ranks of L.A. Times Editors on Judicial Filibusters”

  1. Dear LA Times,
    A return to God and family will not squash the individual voice.
    Moral backbone helped get our country started. Picture the magic and press start.

    Vermont Neighbor (40e0a4)

  2. Wow. Lately you are just scorching ’em across the bag.

    MaxedOutMama (e4ad3c)

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