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Our daughter got her first loose tooth yesterday.

The Tooth Fairy is saving up. She’s not even sure what the going rate is nowadays, but she thinks it’s a dollar. Some things are beyond the reach of inflationary pressures.

Thank Trent Lott

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It turns out that Trent Lott — the guy who coined that helpful term “nuclear option” — is also the guy who started the ball rolling on the capitulation.

Thank you once again, Trent.

On Second Thought

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Maybe the squishy Republicans and the turncoats are right: we need to retain the judicial filibuster.

After all, imagine where we would have been if we had not had the judicial filibuster under Clinton. We would have been forced to allow nominees like Richard Paez to be confirmed with fewer than 60 votes.

If we had allowed Paez to become a Ninth Circuit judge, he might have screwed up all sorts of things. For example, he might have unnecessarily injected himself into the California recall election by signing on to a blatantly ridiculous opinion that badly misreads Bush v. Gore.

Thank God we had the judicial filibuster around so we didn’t have to go through that.

Professor Bainbridge Is All Wet on the Filibuster Capitulation

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Stephen Bainbridge supports the filibuster capitulation. He is all wet. Here’s why:


Not That I’m Suggesting It . . .

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But this sounds like a great way to frame someone for murder.

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