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Most Excellent News

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It isn’t difficult to recognize European nations are a horrible cesspool of leftist nonsense, from “Social Democracy” (socialism, to the Yanks) to inane political correctness.

However, the last few years have seen stirrings of sanity on the Continent- the Christian Democrats have won back seats in many nations, and various other rightist parties have come to power, both locally and nationally, often in countries long thought lost to leftist idiocy, such as the Netherlands. Even the Tories, in stark decline since the days of the Iron Lady, have regained some ground.

The latest news? France has rejected the EU Constitution, effectively terminating that gigantic mistake for the foreseeable future. Unless, as when Ireland rejected an EU “proposal” a few years back, the EU angrily makes the French vote again and again until it obtains the desired result.

Sort of like how Democrats treat ballot counting in the U.S….

That’s a relief!

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Was there a press conference that I missed? Apparently our borders have been secured, civil aviation is terrorist-proof, and our nuclear plants are safe and tight. And Al-Qaeda is just a bad memory. Whew.

That’s the only explanation I can offer for this: Homeland Security agents are busily shutting down file swappers trading copies of Revenge of the Sith. I feel so much safer. Hmm–maybe they’re nefarious Al-Qaeda file swappers? Yeah, must be. That’s the ticket.

Next week: Delta Force launches a tactical assault with armor support on Oliver Stone’s guest house.

Hat tip to the Fladen Experience.

Gun question

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I’m reasonably knowledgable about this sort of thing, but I don’t recognize the type of machine pistol clutched by this howling loonball:
AP Photo/Mohammad Zaatari

If this man were an evangelical Christian holding an automatic weapon and a holy book, would liberals still love him?

Any of you recognize the gun? The guy holding the mystery weapon is, FYI, a Palestinian incensed by Newsweek’s reports about the LoFlow at Gitmo.

UPDATE: There is an interesting debate going on below, but on important matters: I can announce that the gun is not an UZI or a MAC-10 (as these have magazines in the grips, instead of in front), nor is it an MP5 derivative, nor is it (as I first thought) a Czech Skorpion–although it is most similar to this last. I’m really curious about this.

UPDATE II: Tec-9, short barreled variant? Getting closer, but I doubt it. The barrell and muzzle are all wrong, and the steel frame of a Tec 9 is basically cylindrical, resting in a polymer grip/magazine well part. Not what I seee in this picture.

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