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A Real Jewel

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[Guest post by DRJ]

My Dad grew up on a ranch and he has a lot of country sayings. One of those sayings is “He [or She or It] is a real jewel,” which is his way of saying something is good or special.

Richard Jewell, “the security guard who was wrongly linked to the bombing that marred the 1996 Atlanta Olympics,” died today reportedly from a pre-existing kidney ailment. I never met or knew Mr. Jewell. I only know of him from the media but his untimely death saddens me.

He seemed like a real jewel. RIP.

12 Responses to “A Real Jewel”

  1. Having been framed, defamed, and later cleared by appellate courts, I have a special place in my heart for Jewell. He was an easy mark and didn’t deserve the FBI’s misconduct. I pray that the experience and his ultimate exoneration gave him some peace. He died too young…

    Clark Baker (fc36d5)

  2. Perhaps now the Atlanta Urinal-Constipation will be able to say something positive about Mr. Jewell.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  3. He seemed to not be overly bitter either. He seemed like he’d just let it go, and moved on.

    God Speed, Mr Jewell…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  4. Here here. I’ll raise a toast to this guy.

    Justin Levine (20f2b5)

  5. When somebody decides to write a history of the media, this had better be mentioned in the Top 10 most reprehensible things the MSM has done. Any article written about his death, that they do not acknowledge their perfidy, is simply re-writing history, right in front of us.

    JD (e2fc98)

  6. It was a sad story, but I’m glad he saw some kind of justice in his life.

    Itsme (702ab7)

  7. Classy, DRJ. I’m glad you posted.

    The saddest, “For that two days, my mother had a great deal of pride in me — that I had done something good and that she was my mother, and that was taken away from her,” Jewell said around the time of the 10th anniversary of the bombing. “She’ll never get that back, and there’s no way I can give that back to her.”

    Dana (ed80e4)

  8. Back when he was exonerated, I wished I had been in a position to hire him. Both the FBI and the media behaved shamefully. It almost made me long for the British system, where the press is legally prohibited from reporting about some aspects of criminal matters before trial.

    PatHMV (0e077d)

  9. Mr. Jewell’s lawsuit against the ‘Atlanta Journal Constitution,’ by the way, is still pending — eleven years after the fact.

    Of the money he received in settlements by other media organizations, about three-quarters went to legal fees. With most of the remainder, Mr. Jewell bought his mother a house.

    He was a little guy who did a great thing — and his reward was to be slandered by the FBI and the AJC.

    F451 (6a1e7d)

  10. With most of the remainder, Mr. Jewell bought his mother a house.

    Yeah. He was a rare breed. That’s 100% awesome…

    Scott Jacobs (c0db90)

  11. I propose that the White House press room be renamed the “Richard Jewell Memorial Press Room”.

    Is there a better example of what the MSM has become?

    Steve Levy (e9536a)

  12. Which is why I have never read the AJC (piss be upon them) in years.

    Techie (c003f1)

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