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I know you’re tired of Texas …

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[Guest post by DRJ]

… but take a look at this press release (h/t Instapundit) from Texas Governor Rick Perry responding to the European Union’s request that he enact a moratorium on the death penalty:

“230 years ago, our forefathers fought a war to throw off the yoke of a European monarch and gain the freedom of self-determination. Texans long ago decided that the death penalty is a just and appropriate punishment for the most horrible crimes committed against our citizens. While we respect our friends in Europe, welcome their investment in our state and appreciate their interest in our laws, Texans are doing just fine governing Texas.”

By the way, that’s the complete text. As we say in Texas, short, sweet and to the point.

26 Responses to “I know you’re tired of Texas …”

  1. Wow. Not tired of Texas anymore. This, I love. This almost makes me forgive you for giving us Lyndon Johnson 😛

    Alan (f1706f)


    Thank you, Gov. Perry.

    Another Drew (8018ee)


    krazy kagu (fb0f9e)

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  5. Gov. Perry, man of steel.

    EU – pantywaists.

    Dana (c0af38)

  6. I LOVE it.

    I’m a Canadian and I wish we our government – anyone in our government – spoke that way.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  7. Wow. That has to be the politest way of saying “Get your nose out of our business” that I’ve ever read!

    Incidentally, we Texans will put a moratorium on the death penalty just as soon as the degenerates among us put a moratorium on heinous conduct.

    Paul (91660f)

  8. He managed to tell them to shove their pompous heads right back up inside their sphincters, and do such in such a nice, succinct manner. Kudos.

    JD (815fda)

  9. Texas has long been on the short list of places I want to end up living the rest of my life…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  10. Brevity among politicians is a beautiful thing. Rick Perry and staff have done us well this time. Just remember…in the imortal words of Ron White, “If you kill someone in Texas, we will kill you back.”

    Deborah (5ac5e3)

  11. He’s told the Eurocrats to “go suck a cow chip”.

    Yee Hah!

    Mike Myers (2e43f5)

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  13. Not so different from what Maliki told Hillary!® Clinton. I mean, without the fancy talk of the Revolution, and all.

    Scott (412f3f)

  14. Euroweenies – Don’t mess with Texas!!!

    daleyrocks (906622)

  15. hey, gonzales just resigned!

    if bush were a baseball manager, he would routinely yank his starting pitcher an inning or two late.

    assistant devil's advocate (106f75)

  16. today’s baseball managers tend to yank their starters two innings too early. Of course that has nothing to do with your metaphor, ADA.

    quasimodo (edc74e)

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  18. I wish Bush would get Perry to write a similar note for Bush to deliver to Congress.

    PCD (2566fe)

  19. Texans also fought two wars to preserve slavery, but who is counting.

    TomHynes (6c3e12)

  20. Breaking news! The death penalty has a spotless record in preventing repeat offenders!

    otcconan (3366a6)

  21. WTG Governor Perry!

    Aakash (8a0611)

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  23. “Haw Haw! Governor Perry’s tough, and thinks Europe is a faggot sanctuary!”

    Maybe you can convince him to run for president. His chances are as good as any conservative’s.

    Leviticus (35fbde)

  24. The statement was short, not sweet and, if the point to the rest of the world is that its presence is tolerable as long as its bank accounts remain open and its communal mouth remains shut, to a certain embarrasing point. Governor Perry’s remarks were variations on bare foot and pregnant. Only selected and selectively myopic Texans might of his statements feel proud. In peace.

    K. Bandell (3fd6d2)

  25. Way to go!!! It’s about damn time our government worries about how we feel here and whats right for America and tell Europe in a P/C way to kiss our Ass!!! Thanks for being an honest American…

    Frank G. (97b482)

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