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The HuffPo Reaction to Roberts’s Hospitalization — Thomas Ellers Would Be Shocked!

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Reacting to the news that John Roberts had gone to the hospital, some HuffPo commenters were predictably sympathetic. Truth Matters for America documented some of the lovely HuffPo comments in this post. Among the HuffPo comments TMFA captured were this:

Well, there is a God after all….Let God’s will be done!!!!

and this:

Lets hope he is injured seriously.  Chief Justice John Roberts is a corupt right wing Bush lick ass criminal

and this:

A long stay away from the court would be fine. I won’t lie, I wish him a long painful recovery. In fact, I’m not so sure I care if he recovers.


Normally, I wouldn’t concern myself with reporting anonymous hateful comments at a lefty site, because I don’t think blogs should generally be judged by their commenters. But under Glenn Greenwald’s own rules for deciding whether anonymous hateful comments are meaningful, these HuffPo comments count.

26 Responses to “The HuffPo Reaction to Roberts’s Hospitalization — Thomas Ellers Would Be Shocked!”

  1. Let’s see Blue Texan spin these.

    Paul (8077b1)

  2. I know that the Greenwalds are low-hanging fruit, and their insufferrable holier-than-thou gets to me a touch, but I hope that you will not spend too much time engaging with them.

    While I am fully aware that you are not my lawyer (my lawyer smells of Scotch, and ten minutes after meeting with him so do I) I have gained valuable insight into the prosecutorial mind from my readings of this site. If’n the Army of Ellisons continue to defame you, by all means, give ’em a Dresden.

    If they leave you be, leave them be.

    Hell, you’re outnumbered by the time they’ve got the first guy on the field.

    Uncle Pinky (6546ec)

  3. Aggggh. I said fruit and Greenwald at the same time.

    I will now punish myself for hate-crimes.

    Uncle Pinky (6546ec)

  4. This horse is pretty dead, brother.

    Russell (a32796)

  5. The self-anointed love attention, be it good or bad. The worst thing you can do to them is ignore them, Patterico.

    I always liked Stashiu’s approach: he’d just say “ignoring trollish behavior” and leave it at that. Tough to do sometimes when they deserve a smack instead, but still the best way to to go.

    ras (adf382)

  6. I used to think that ignoring them was the best way to deal with them, but have since changed my mind. They should be met head on, and publicly mocked and scorned for their idiocy. The posts from Wonkette about Roberts and Tillman, and the comments from HuffPo should be splashed across the internet, far and wide, for all to see. Maybe some of those moderates, and independents will start seeing some of this craziness, and come to their senses.

    JD (26820f)

  7. Patterico, much thanks for the link….

    The comments themselves weren’t really the story to me; rather it was the fact that Arianna promised on Hannity’s America “If anybody wishes harm, or death, or any kind of harm to anyone, I will take it down”

    Yet, we have clear examples of these and they have not been removed..

    truthmattersfa (a2af66)

  8. Apparently, you’ve misunderstood Gleen(s)’ Rules for hateful commenting:

    If it’s on a rightish site: Awful, ugly

    If it’s on a lefty site: Oh, shut up and mind your own business.

    Pablo (99243e)

  9. If scorn, mocking, shaming, and shunning do not work (and they won’t), then this matter can only be resolved under Rule 7.62!

    Another Drew (a28ef4)

  10. If scorn, mocking, shaming, and shunning do not work (and they won’t), then this matter can only be resolved under Rule 7.62!

    Comment by Another Drew — 7/31/2007 @ 7:31 pm

    Is that an extension of rule 5.56?

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  11. I lost my copy of the Rulebook.

    JD (26820f)

  12. One could also cite rule .408, especially nice for long distance exchanges.

    TC (b48fdd)

  13. i don’t want him dead, but i wouldn’t mind if the part of his brain housing his unlimited deference to state power got shorted some oxygen. imagine if he had a seizure and woke up a completely different justice!

    assistant devil's advocate (bb2b31)

  14. Nice.

    JD (26820f)

  15. I’d just be happy if he had to drive to Canada to receive medical treatment.

    alphie (015011)

  16. In the Canadian system, he would be treated sometime around Labor Day, provided he met the appropriate criteria.

    JD (26820f)

  17. You are incorrect, Patterico. The Webmaster allows only comments he chooses and deep sixes the ones that don’t conform to his philosophy. “Comments” have long been used by corrupt news orgs in order to convince the public that “everybody” thinks a certain way. The LA Times has done this for at least a decade and if you watch CNN you will see that they frequently leave out ANY dissenting voice.

    Wonkette, you, me, and all the rest of us are responsible for containing the filth and hate mail that comes our way and never allow those missives to see the light of day.

    The postings on all websites accurately reflect the opinion of the webmaster.

    Howard Veit (4ba8d4)

  18. The postings on all websites accurately reflect the opinion of the webmaster.

    There are exceptions, Howard. This site being an outstanding example of one. I have disagreed bitterly with Patterico on several posts dealing with police shootings and home searches. Patterico has warned, threatened to ban and I believe banned “conservative” commenters whose comments were over the top. He tolerates, and on occasion even engages, raving lefties like blubonnet and AF as long they remain civil. This site is definitely not an echo chamber for the host.

    nk (173e2a)

  19. In my opinion it is Howard that is incorrect.

    If you have moderated comments then you accept responsibility for what is posted in your comments section. You are reviewing the comment and making the decision on whether or not it should be present.

    If on the other hand you have unmoderated comments then it is a free exchange of ideas. Some of the ideas may be stupider and more childish than others but that’s the way it is.

    Luckily with a readership of 2 I don’t have to worry about that. They don’t bother commenting they just call and say “That is the most assinine thing I have ever read. WTH were you thinking?”

    chad (582404)

  20. The Webmaster allows only comments he chooses and deep sixes the ones that don’t conform to his philosophy.

    That is provably false, right here on this site.

    “Comments” have long been used by corrupt news orgs in order to convince the public that “everybody” thinks a certain way.

    A site owner is not publishing the opinions in his comments. See DiMeo v. Max.

    The postings on all websites accurately reflect the opinion of the webmaster.

    Not at all. Very often they attack the site owner and/or his opinion, and you can’t realistically argue that such comments reflect his opinion. Comments reflect a site owner’s opinion on allowing free discourse, or perhaps his laziness/disinterest in moderating them, and not much else.

    Pablo (99243e)

  21. Howard, that’s easy to say for you. Your blog’s front page currently has 17 posts and all of 1 comment. That comment, by the way, occurring on your Ingmar Bergman thread and consisting of four words: “God, his movies sucked.”

    You must have been sweating blood after that moderation session.

    I'm Geekier (a110bc)

  22. Here is Rob Kall’s “apology” for what he had written previously:

    Well, it seems I owe an apology to our readers. I really don’t like John Roberts. He lied in his testimony, promising to respect Stare Decisis– established precedent– and has been incredibly revisionist. But my characterization of him as foaming at the mouth, although true– and as described by local media– was over the top. One reader chastized me,

    I have to tell you that I was very upset about how you described Roberts’ seizure. Although he’s a despicable man, describing him as “foaming at the mouth”, etc. and all of the other misguided information you gave about epilepsy is very unpalatable and a disservice to your readers.

    As a person with epilepsy, and one who has worked with families who have children with epilepsy, I feel that your statements are discriminatory. People with epilepsy are unable to control their seizures, and have enough difficulty simply having them. They don’t need other people making disparaging comments about what they look like when they have the seizure, and that the seizures affect their abilities. That’s a good part of why so many people who suffer with seizures develop depression and low self esteem. It is essential that you clarify this to your readers, and make an apology to all of the people who have epilepsy. Don’t forget, there are MANY people who have/had epilepsy and are brilliant people who add a lot to society. Van Gogh, Tony Coelho, Tchaikovsky, and many more,. all had seizures.

    She’s right. While no-one has said the Chief Justice is epileptic, my characterization certainly did feed into the images she described.

    Two other readers also chastized me. I appreciate the feedback. Frankly, my thoughts about Roberts fall were much darker. I refrained from voicing them and went with this less severe comment. My preference would be for Roberts to no longer be the Supreme court justice. His continued presence in that role is horrible for the US. Horrible. His first year on the job suggests that he will whittle down rights and established precedents for workers, for reigning in the abuses of corporations, for women, blacks. He is a neanderthal, a despicable, rotten human being who intends to gut the constitution, gut the precedents already established, while protecting the wealthy, the powerful, corporations and extreme right wingers.

    So, when I say darker, I mean I would have been happy to see him recover from his fall and seizure as a retiree convalescing — a festering cancer in the brain of our judiciary removed by nature’s natural response to an attacking pestilence.

    So, you all have my apology for making a joke out of seizures, a metaphor about foaming at the mouth as a manifestation of right wing mind-set. But the idea that his fall could lead to his replacement on the supreme court– that would be a huge blessing for America. I wish the man, as a human being, no ill will. But as the toxic agent of Bush and the worst intentions of the right wing and the theocorporatocracy, I hope he enjoys an early retirement.

    So, if this makes me a horrible person, so be it. The worst thing I can imagine for America, that no amount of electing progressives to replace right wingers can fix or clean up is the continued sitting on the supreme court of the two liars, Roberts and Alito. I’d like to see them gone, ideally by impeachment or voluntary resignation. Nuff said.

    There you have it: a not-so-rare glimpse into the mind of one of our friends on the far, far left. Even as he “apologizes” for his previous statement, he couldn’t help himself, saying that he would have liked his seizure and fall to force a retiremant and convalescence, “a festering cancer in the brain of our judiciary removed by nature’s natural response to an attacking pestilence.”

    Dana (3e4784)

  23. Dana – I appreciate those that are unapologetic about their views, however repugnant. I cannot stand those that allude to ill wishes, and then have the audacity to claim it was a joke, or misinterpreted.

    JD (26820f)

  24. Wow. and not a single example of any of those horrible outcomes. Kall’s argument comes down to “he is a despicable man because I said so”. And he is trashing the constitution??? Have any of these people ever READ the constitution? WHat a freaking mental case.

    buzz (9e5c44)

  25. buzz – you are doing a disservice to actual arguments by calling Kall’s screed an argument.

    JD (26820f)

  26. Actually I get about 12 to 13 comments per day, most of which contain racial or sexual slurs that I do not allow on my site. I have never blocked any POV stated in language that isn’t filthy. I bar the “N” word, “C” word, and most other depictions of sexual depravity. Period.

    Howard Veit (4ba8d4)

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