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Richard Cohen: Guns for Me But Not for Thee

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Shorter Richard Cohen:

Fred Thompson says guns protect people, but he’s wrong. Guns endanger people. It’s just common sense . . .

. . . except, of course, when I want to use one to defend my home against burglars.

25 Responses to “Richard Cohen: Guns for Me But Not for Thee”

  1. What color is the sky on Cohen’s world? This guy suffers from what we in the IT world refer to as the “ID10T Error Code”

    Horatio (f61519)

  2. More tortured logic from Cohen:

    “… but Thompson managed to mock scientists by saying that other planetary bodies — “Mars and Jupiter, non-signatories to the Kyoto treaty” — are also warming up. That may be the case, but it does not mean that little ol’ Earth is not also warming up — and since we live here it is best that something be done.”

    So is he recommending that we adjust the output of the common cause, the Sun, so all planets can cool down???

    My favorite bumper sticker:
    “Stop Continental Drift”

    Ed Rathje (b935f0)

  3. Yes,by the 1880s most towns didn’t allow the carrying of weapons openly.
    This of course coincided with the invention & production of the Deringer (yes,one ‘r’ originally) & various other “hideout” handguns.

    Frantic Freddie (f1504c)

  4. This was the guy that said “algebra is useless,” right? What a douche.

    Russell (a32796)

  5. Show me a town with gun control and I’ll show you a town overrun by lefties and gangs. Allow Compton’s law-abiding tax-paying citizens and veterans to carry concealed weapons and violent crime would plummet. CB (LAPD 1980-2000)

    Clark Baker (aed821)

  6. It’s perfectly valid to question carry and conceal allowance and support keeping a gun in the home for intruders.

    A little moderation is in order here. The rational desire to protect yourself and your family in your own home — whether or not you approve of guns — is understandable. Allowing college kids to party with guns — and don’t tell me they won’t — is another matter entirely.

    I don’t agree, but it’s not hipocritical.

    On another note, kind of silly to use a TV show as an example of how effective gun control can be.

    Fco (201cb0)

  7. Allowing college kids to party with guns — and don’t tell me they won’t …

    Yeah, that’s why every day we hear stories about college rifle teams partying with their guns. Why the local Hooters’ will just never get all those bullet holes out of the ceiling.

    Ah, those whacky college kids …

    Robin Roberts (6c18fd)

  8. Cohen’s logic is as reality-based as his hero.

    tmac (0c909a)

  9. Anyone who reads Richard Cohen , and I do regularly just to know what the inmates are thinking, is aware that he has a lingering case of I can’t think straight.
    He comes up with some of the most over the top comparisons that you have to wonder if he is on something, or wished he was so there would be some kind of excuse for his absurdities.
    Cohen is harmless though because he reaches so few people.

    Edward Cropper (e328a5)

  10. I think an age minimum of 21 would be reasonable for obtaining a license to carry a handgun. But apart from this also being the drinking age, I don’t see what this has to do with allowing people “to party with guns.”

    Most college students are under 21, and I can also see a college not allowing students of any age to carry handguns. (Just as some colleges don’t allow any students to have alcohol on campus, in part because the 21-year-olds socialize with the younger students.)

    But I don’t see how anyone can object to professors and administrative employees being allowed to carry concealed guns, with the same permitting requirements as anyone else, unless he or she is really just opposed to any civilian’s carrying a gun.

    DWPittelli (2e1b8e)

  11. a lingering case of I can’t think straight


    Man, that case went acute a long time ago…

    Scott Jacobs (90eabe)

  12. DWPittelli, every state that I’m familiar with that has shall-issue concealed carry has an age minimum of 21. Its also the existing minimum age for purchase of handguns under Federal law.

    Robin Roberts (6c18fd)

  13. Typical Lefty logic:

    I’m smart enough to carry a gun (because I’m better than you), but you aren’t.

    Lefty’s are such hypocrites.

    thebronze (17f671)

  14. Marshal Dillon had the same policy for cowboys when they rode into Dodge: They had to surrender their guns. The Marshal Dillon Rule is based on common sense, not to mention the law of averages

    Hmmm. As I recall, despite the “no gun” policy, Marshal Dillon had a gun fight every week for 20 years which must be a violation of the law of averages. Maybe that is why the radio and TV show was called “Gunsmoke” and not “Multiculturalism Conflict Resolution on the Prairie.”

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  15. Richard Cohen, meet Carl Rowan:

    DubiousD (5c5d94)

  16. Of course he ignores the fact that Marshall Dillon was right there, ready, able, and willing to stop anyone who attempted to use a gun in commission of a crime and did not need civilian assistance. If the police would always reach the victim in time to prevent the perpetrator from committing a gun crime, then his logic might have some merit. However, life is not a television show and the villains are armed and dangerous. We need to have people capable of stopping them at the time they show up.

    Sabba Hillel (b3a959)

  17. Maybe that is why the radio and TV show was called “Gunsmoke” and not “Multiculturalism Conflict Resolution on the Prairie.”


    Scott Jacobs (90eabe)

  18. I especially liked the following:

    If the university did not prohibit guns, students would have been able “to protect themselves” — presumably by reaching into their backpacks and gunning down the shooter. [snip] To think that a university president in his or her right mind would permit students to carry guns on campus so stretches the term “right mind” that it loses all meaning.”

    I guess he “forgot” all about the shootings at the Appalachian School of Law in January 2002, where the students did just that, undoubtedly saving quite a few lives in the process.

    OK, get ready, here comes the good part

    Do you think Cohen didn’t connect the two incidents in his mind because all the major news outlets chose not to report the fact that the students that stopped the shooting spree did so with the help of their own, legally-owned firearms? The wire services and major national newspapers instead essentially stated that “several students tackled the shooter”, thus ending the crisis.

    Jim Manno (10cb1d)

  19. Richard Cohen, meet Carl Rowan

    LOL! The late WaPo columnist and gun control advocate used an unregistered gun to shoot a teenage trespasser who was swimming in Rowan’s pool!

    Stu707 (adbb5a)

  20. Wonder if Cohen has ever seen John Ford’s “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”?

    susan (7faf4d)

  21. RE #11-Acute implies less than one month-this is definitely chronic I can’t think straight.

    “Preventive medicine-keeping the US military healthy enough to kill terrorists.”

    flightdoc (3c6b36)

  22. And how much money has “Fred” pulled in recently?

    AF (4a3fa6)

  23. AF – And that has to do with this topic in what way? How many millions did he raise prior to being an official candidate, is that what you are asking?

    JD (26820f)

  24. Sounds like this cohen is one of those liberal eletist who thinks they can dictate to the pulic what they can do and how they can protect themselves i suggest that this cohen muttonhead should read the U.S. CONSTITUTION and especialy the 2nd amendment as it was written and quit intermeting is ina liberal way

    krazy kagu (d982eb)

  25. The trouble with these liberal eletists is they think their better then the rest of ue so the save the right to protect themselves i mean look at TED KNEEDY and ROSIE O,DENNELL just becuase their wealthy they think their better then us well then i say THEY SHOULD GET A LIFE AND QUIT BEING SUCH A BUNCH OF BRAINLESS JACKASSES

    krazy kagu (520f84)

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