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Beldar Defends Fred Against a Spammer

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I hate spammers. I think Instapundit has it about right when he suggests that we “stake them out on an anthill or something.” And generally, the only thing worse than spammers is the people who respond to them.

But every rule has an exception, and Beldar’s takedown of spammer Richard Viguerie’s screed against Fred Thompson fits the bill.

8 Responses to “Beldar Defends Fred Against a Spammer”

  1. re: spammers: we “stake them out on an anthill or something.”

    I am more interested in the “something”, if the something is more painful than being staked on an anthill. Ants are fine and all, but I’m looking for some real pain.

    Scott (412f3f)

  2. i don’t think the field has closed yet for this contest, damn, i hope not. both parties still have horses in the paddock, chuck hagel, bill richardson, etc., who carry less baggage; if nobody captures enough delegates for a first-ballot nomination, anything could happen.

    tell beldar how to configure his email so the viguerie spams don’t make it to his inbox!

    assistant devil's advocate (dbb157)

  3. Pretty disgusting, but at least he’s honest.

    Coming up next, 1000 e-mails to your congressman for $100 to support a certain position.

    Gerald A (dfa549)

  4. What’s the matter with the FredHeads? They can dish it out but if someone says something negative even if true they get up in arms?

    Sounds like Hillary strategy to me?

    Really funny to sit back and watch the denials about the LA Times article pointing to the fact the movie was wrong and so the whole article was wrong but now the LA Times researched and corrected, the Fredheads are silent.

    You are all drinking the koolaid from the Rove WH and don’t even realize it because you refuse to do the research. What we don’t need is another Bush puppet in the WH or a Clinton. Time to clean house completely

    Buckeyefan (1f5458)

  5. in re: comment #2,

    I would love to see the look on the faces of the opposition if Hagel (by some mega-miracle) got the Republican nomination. It would cut the legs out from under any Democratic candidate to have an opponent who was just as anti-war as they were.

    Not that it would ever happen, but the thought is a hilarious one.

    Leviticus (27d8e4)

  6. Since spammers are attempting to steal bandwidth, why isn’t that an actual crime?

    As for the punishment, they should have a choice of being hanged or having sex with Rosie O’Donnell.

    Dana (273e95)

  7. I know I get lots of spam from Viguerie because I usually try to very quickly skim the list of names and subject fields from the stuff my spam filters block out, looking for mistakes. I don’t actually read his emails, though. I found this particular column on his website via a link from Ramesh Ponnuru on The Corner.

    Beldar (dc42c4)

  8. I like Jerry Pournelle’s suggestion that we revive the Coliseum so we can feed spammers to lions, or tigers, or bears, or alien brood wasps looking for hosts……

    SDN (b41081)

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