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Kevin Cosgrove’s 911 Call

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Everyone else has linked this, but in case you haven’t seen it, you should. Warning: it’s rough. It’s a 911 call from someone trapped in the World Trade Center on 9/11. You hear him talking frantically to the operator about how he and his colleagues need to be rescued and need oxygen. Then, when the building collapses, he screams: “Oh God!” and the line goes silent.

You probably won’t want to see it twice — maybe not even once. But you should see it.

22 Responses to “Kevin Cosgrove’s 911 Call”

  1. No thanks, sounds way too depressing.

    mh (5b638c)

  2. The video doesn’t show, just a blank space. I saw it at hotair last week but didn’t have the heart to listen to it but now it’s gone. Is it just me?

    Capitalist Infidel (2f6027)

  3. No, it’s not just you. I hadn’t tried the 9/11, but I was trying to hit parts 2 and 3 of the deniers and couldn’t get it. Time to leave some comments for Allah, I reckon.

    Anwyn (03d912)

  4. That is, I hadn’t tried the Cosgrove tonight; I saw it a few days ago. Tonight I’ve been trying for the other two and can’t get them.

    Anwyn (03d912)

  5. Looks like maybe somebody else’s problem, like YouTube, because Hot Air in-house stuff is coming through fine.

    Anwyn (03d912)

  6. Well, letsee, why didn’t I just go to YouTube before posting four comments’ worth of spammishness. YouTube is down for maintenance.

    Anwyn (03d912)

  7. With Youtube down, I can’t tell for sure, but this is probably the same video.

    Dave (9090dd)

  8. I can’t listen to it. I don’t have to. I will never forget and never stop fighting those who celebrated this atrocity–not tragedy, for that suggests that the victims played some part in their own misfortune.

    goddessoftheclassroom (ad4e2b)

  9. I watched it a few days a go. Rough. It took me a moment to realize the call wasn’t going to end before the building fell. I considered turning it off before it fell, knowing the sudden silence would signify a death. I know people died, but each one you learn about becomes personal. I’ll never forget 9/11. Now I’ll never forget Kevin Cosgrove.

    HD Wanderer (dc60da)

  10. If I recall, the Kevin Cosgrove call was published with a New York Times article several months ago. Or another call very much like it.

    Truly chilling.

    Anono (5ee2dc)

  11. […] The companion piece to the Cosgrove call: the director of the “Loose Change” 9/11 conspiracy video chuckling over Flight 93. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Video of Scum (421107)

  12. Patrick,
    You,re right.People should listen to it.But,I don’t think I could listen to it twice.Once was tough enough.thank you for posting it,”Lest we forget”

    lincoln (18c68b)

  13. Trouble is, the people who need to be reminded will never listen to it. It’s devastating.

    Patricia (2cc180)

  14. I dont have the guts to see, already griefsticken to know the endless deaths in the Middleast. :-(

    Ben Bicais (b99e91)

  15. Everyone should watch this periodically (the Cosgrove call that is) as a reminder if who/what/why we’re fighting. As for the morons in the companion piece, they’re beyond stupidity and beneath contempt. For them, politics will always trump anything else. Whats that saying….? “Tis better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt…”.

    dmc (f63544)

  16. yeah, keep up the war-porn. you need to keep your war hardon going at all times.

    because the best reaction to violence is more violence. works every time – like during that whole ‘hundred years war’ thing. Or perhaps vietnam.

    [Or WWII? — P]

    the threat from terrorism, the actual threat from terrorism, is completely inflated by you guys. more people die in their bathtubs each year in America alone, than will die due to terrorism throughout the entire world.

    but go ahead and be afraid of that.

    Shorter Rightwing Meanies (e92581)

  17. I thought Patterico was going to start banning trolls like #17. SRM, weren’t you an arsehole before you became a meanie?

    [I think he’s actually trying to moderate his tone. I don’t see anything there that merits banning. It could be more substantive, but he’s trying. — P]

    nk (06f5d0)

  18. i think that everyone needs to see the video couse of how much peaple just dont care and even though im 4 ive grown up fast and understand that this whole thing is imortant and that to much peaple dont even think about some peaple just act like it never happened….

    janet (c9daa0)

  19. […] UPDATE: Here you can read about Kevin Cosgrove, whose harrowing 911 call has been heard by many of you. The tribute also tells us about the good times he had with his family: He loved indulging his children. “Mommy, it broke my heart when Daddy died because he was a good snuggler,” said 4 year old Elizabeth Cosgrove. Wendy Cosgrove simply held her daughter close and said, “I know.” He was also famous for his backward dinners. “Mommy, Daddy let us eat dinner backward,” the kids used to say to me when I would come home after they had spend a day with him,” Mrs. Cosgrove recalled with a chuckle. “We had brownies and ice cream before dinner. I would tell him that it made me look like the bad guy because I made them eat dinner. It was funny.” […]

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  20. […] Pattericos Pontifications Kevin Cosgroves 911 Call […]

    Anne Curry, The Hundred Years' War (5e634b)

  21. Poor….. He had 3 young kids!

    !”*~NEVER FORGET 9/11~*”!

    Hilary (5c426a)

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