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Treo #3: Third Time Appears to Be a Charm

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So I’m on my third Treo, after experiencing constant rebooting with my second (as well as my first).

So far I’m encouraged. It hasn’t rebooted once, even when I executed operations that routinely caused the first two to reboot. For example, when I access my Bloglines account and instantly start scrolling down before the full page downloads, the first two Treos would reboot more often than not. On this one, I can start scrolling right away with no problems whatsoever.

They may have finally worked the bugs out of these Cingular Treos. At least I can hope . . .

The other thing I have done that makes me happy is to set the screen to go dark after 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds. I usually turn off the screen when I’m done with the phone anyway, but the screen constantly goes dark too quickly if it’s set to go off after 30 seconds.

2 Responses to “Treo #3: Third Time Appears to Be a Charm”

  1. What’s a Treo?

    Jal (9f37aa)

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    Psyberian (4aee78)

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