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Hugh Hewitt: Will He Give Up?

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[Posted by The Angry Clam]

One of Hugh Hewitt’s few items in his pro-Miers arsenal was his claim that “Republicans are trending heavily toward supporting the President.”

Hey, Hugh, care to tell me what you think of the latest Rasmussen Poll, which has Republican support for the Miers nomination down to 48% from 54%, and general support down at 30%?

I guess that’s trending heavily, I’m just not quite so sure it’s in the direction Hugh thinks it is.

— The Angry Clam

4 Responses to “Hugh Hewitt: Will He Give Up?”

  1. Nope.

    Hugh will always defend her.

    But, she will withdraw or be skewered.

    Flap (cc77c4)

  2. Internal party polls show only 7% of those calling themselves conservative Republicans oppose her and only 9% of the party members polled do.

    It seems they do not believe we need a penumbra reading Sanhedrin to fathom the Constitution and the “Constitutional scholars” already in the judiciary see things like no prayer in schools and same sex marriage in the document, and they don’t.

    How sad is it to be a pundit who no one heeds?

    clarice (c49871)

  3. Yeah, because the internal party polls are sooooo reliable…

    Can’t you hear the lambs screaming, clarice?

    Angry Clam (a7c6b1)

  4. If you ever took the Bush kiss-ass out of Hugh Hewitt, you would be left with nothing but his glasses and a pile of rock salt, just like in Star Trek, The Omega Glory – TOS, 2nd Season.

    The Pathetic Earthling (08c01e)

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