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Clip That Quote and Save It!

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I rarely link to comments, but I thought that this comment was worth highlighting. The IP address comes back to the Fox News Channel.

P.S. TNugent posted the “Bill Maher” comment.

Needed: One More Senator (Update: We Got Him!)

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If Democrats try to mount a filibuster against Judge Alito, Republicans can win if they hold their coalition together and get at least two votes from the Gang of 14 to trigger the nuclear option.

With the nomination of Judge Alito, we already know that Lindsey Graham will provide one of those votes:

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, fired back Sunday, saying that if the Democrats staged a filibuster against Judge Alito or Judge Luttig because of their conservatism, “the filibuster will not stand.”

Courtesy of Hugh Hewitt, here are the names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of the other Republican members of the Gang of 14:

Senator McCain
(202) 224-2235

Senator Warner
(202) 224-2023

Senator DeWine
(202) 224-2315

Senator Chafee
(202) 224-2921

Senator Snowe
(202) 224-5344

Senator Collins
(202) 224-2523

And, in terms of holding the coalition together, here is contact information for two other key Senators (also courtesy of Hugh):

Senator Hagel
(202) 224-4224

Senator Specter
(202) 224-4254

It’s time to put the pressure where it belongs: on the Senators. Let’s get busy!

UPDATE: Question for Professor Bainbridge: if the Democrats were to filibuster Alito, would you support the nuclear option?

Just askin’.

UPDATE x2: Hewitt says DeWine is on board as well. It’s all over except for the shouting.

It’s Alito!

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It’s official: Bush has picked Samuel Alito to be the next Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Ground Zero of the battle will be his dissent in the lower-court decision in Casey. I have a full analysis of that dissent here. I urge readers to read my post, become familiar with the dissent, and to counter misrepresentations of the dissent wherever you see them.

This will be quite a battle. But with the power of the blogopshere to spread truth, and to hold the media’s feet to the fire, I have confidence that we will prevail.

Mr. President, all is forgiven. We are with you all the way.

To war!

UPDATE: The Real Clear Politics blog has Sen. Schumer’s statement. I like the sound of it:

It is sad that the President felt he had to pick a nominee likely to divide America instead of choosing a nominee in the mold of Sandra Day O’Connor, who would unify us.

This controversial nominee, who would make the Court less diverse and far more conservative, will get very careful scrutiny from the Senate and from the American people.

Sen. Schumer, I’ve got news for you: you will also be getting very careful scrutiny. Any distortions of this fine judge’s record will be met with the truth, courtesy of the blogopshere. Instantly. Be warned.

This Weekend’s Posts

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Weekday-only readers should consider clicking on these posts from the past weekend:

  • If you read only two posts from the weekend, read these two posts on potential nominee Judge Samuel Alito:

    1) I analyze Alito’s Dissent in Casey.

    2) In a post called Alito Out? I analyze [UPDATE: clearly unfounded] rumors that Sen. Specter has nixed Judge Alito’s nomination, and note an interesting reason why that might be.

Or, if all this clicking is too hard, just scroll down!

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