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President to Announce Nominee on Halloween: Will It Be a Treat? Or a Trick?

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The Washington Post says Bush will announce the new Supreme Court nominee tomorrow. On Halloween.

Verrrrrrry scary.

Give us someone distinguished and conservative, or we’ll paper your White House. I’m not kidding. I’ve got two tons of Charmin in the pickup, and the engine’s running. Make my day.

UPDATE: He did! It’s Alito.

Clinton W. Taylor on Lyin’ Joe Wilson

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At the American Spectator’s web site, Clinton W. Taylor asks a good question: who is lying? Patrick Fitzgerald? Or Lyin’ Joe Wilson?

I’ll give you one guess as to what I think.

Alito’s Dissent in Casey

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There is a lot of buzz [UPDATE: now confirmed!] saying that Judge Samuel Alito may be President Bush’s nominee for the Supreme Court. If Judge Alito is nominated, the primary Democrat talking point is going to be his dissent in the case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 947 F.2d 682 (3d Cir. 1991). In that case, Judge Alito wrote a cogent dissent which argued for the validity of a law requiring spousal notification before an abortion.

We need to be ready to counter this talking point if Judge Alito is nominated. Luckily, we are armed with the truth.

Democrats will, of course, distort Judge Alito’s dissent. They will say: “Judge Alito thinks that women should have to consult with their husbands before having an abortion. Evidently he views married women as nothing more than their husbands’ property. Also, he is insensitive to the fact that battered women aren’t going to get an abortion if they have to tell their husbands about it first. If Judge Alito is confirmed, the right of married women to obtain abortions will be severely restricted.”

This is nonsense. Judge Alito’s decision was well-reasoned, restrained, and respectful of precedent. He indicated no policy preference and wrote no memorable, fire-breathing lines in the dissent. He simply tried to apply the law as he understood it, with a proper respect for the difference between legislators (who make laws) and judges (who interpret and apply laws).

If we are going to counter the inevitable Democrat distortion, we have to be familiar with what Judge Alito actually said. I can’t find a copy of Alito’s dissent on the Web [UPDATE: you can read it here], so I will give you a summary of it here.


Tony Snow Exposes Bill Maher As Clueless Moron

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Like a rubbernecker drawn to a train wreck, I am drawn towards that Bill Maher show. He’s one of those people you love to hate, and his show is most interesting when he has someone articulate on his show who opposes his point of view. So I watched when Christopher Hitchens was on recently. And I watched last night when Tony Snow was on.

Tony absolutely ripped Maher up.

He exposed Maher for the clueless fraud he is. And he did it with a smile. It was an amazing performance. If you have HBO, you have to watch it in reruns this week.


WSJ Needs to Correct Its Correction

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The Wall Street Journal can’t get the Joe Wilson/Niger story right — even in a correction. Barcepundit has the details.

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