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BREAKING NEWS: Boxer Announces Neither Her Support For, Nor Opposition to, John Roberts

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In a potentially stunning or possibly mundane turn of events, California Senator Barbara Boxer has made the following non-announcement:

Today I am not announcing my support for, or opposition to the nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

Stay tuned for further non-developments. (Thanks to Howard Bashman.)

6 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Boxer Announces Neither Her Support For, Nor Opposition to, John Roberts”

  1. What else can we expect from “brain-dead” Boxer?

    Mescalero (778e22)

  2. Sheesh.

    “Hi, Maureen Dowd? Yeah, here’s a quote you can turn into diametrically opposed views. Although we know which you’ll pick.”

    Al (00c56b)

  3. So she’s being very middle-of-the-road. Can’t make up her mind. Can’t commit to actually taking a stance. But she wants her media time.

    She’s a Democrat. You expected something else?

    Leigh (6ad34a)

  4. LOL. I’m glad she told us that. How narcissistic can one person be?

    Dwilkers (a1687a)

  5. What worries me about the Democratic senators is so many of them seem to lack the ability to be successful in fields outside of politics.I’m thinking of the Boxers, the Murrays, the Stabenows,etc.If we postulate that a serious person and a certain amount of intelligence are needed to be a US senator,why would anyone want people who havw no pre-Senate evedence of this.I think we can all agree if Stephen Vincent Benet had written a story,”THe Devil and Barbara Boxer”, Jabez Stone would be sweltering in Hell today.

    lincoln (4b23dd)

  6. […] SCOTUSblog did a pretty good job summarizing but they left out a few things, including: Monday, September 12th California Senator Barbara Boxer reiterates “neither support for nor opposition to” John Roberts and states that she will base her decision on Roberts’ answers given during the hearing. […]

    Independent Sources » Blog Archive » Barbara Boxer’s SCOTUS Time-line (4f7430)

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