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Fierce Love Counters Hate

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[guest post by Dana]

I have been overwhelmed by the hatred shown toward the victims kidnapped by Hamas. And if mere posters depicting the victims elicit such rage, how much more will the victims themselves when they are rescued and publicly share their testimony? Online one can daily find demonstrations of smug young ghouls tearing down these posters affixed to bulletin boards and telephone polls, and wherever there is room. Interestingly, most of the ghouls that I’ve seen confronted over their actions typically utter some profanities, repeat empty slogans that blame Israel and/or the Jews, and then flip the bird as they self-righteously stomp off. We can posit all sorts of reasons for their actions: we can attribute it to their politics, their immersion in institutions of higher education, rationalize that they’re outliers, or, perhaps realize that this IS American higher education. Immediately after the terror attack on Oct. 7, even the angriest protesters howling at the moon dared not say the quiet part out loud. Perhaps they instinctively knew that it would be a step too far. However, with the passage of time, Hamas – a vicious terrorist group – is now being publicly revered by young people on American campuses, without any sense of shame. A vile group whose leaders have pledged to continue its assault on Israel until it is wiped off the map, is having its day in the West.

It’s an ugly time. At the end of the day, though, I think human nature can be an irrational beast that too often finds its lifeblood in hate rather than love. Tactile hate is easier to grab onto, and easier to incorporate into a angst-ridden soul of seething rebellion. And in the United States, the tendency of young people to romanticize tyrants and fools is unsurpassed. I know because I was once young. But then again, I’m old now, so what do I know…

Anyway, this moment wins the day for me:

Maybe some of these young people will get a clue.


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