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Report: U.S. Intelligence Agencies Believe Parts of Ukrainian Government Authorized Car Bomb Attack That Killed Daughter Of Putin Ally

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[guest post by Dana]

Back in August, I posted about the suspicious death of Daria Dugina, the daughter of noted Putin ally and ultra-nationalist Alexander Dugin. Today, the New York Times reports that U.S. intelligence officials now believe that, at least in part, the Ukrainian government authorized the car bomb that resulted in Dugina’s death:

The United States intelligence agencies believe parts of the Ukrainian government authorized the car bomb attack near Moscow in August that killed Daria Dugina, the daughter of a prominent Russian nationalist, an element of a covert campaign that U.S. officials fear could widen the conflict.

The United States took no part in the attack, either by providing intelligence or other assistance, officials said. American officials also said they were not aware of the operation ahead of time and would have opposed the killing had they been consulted. Afterward, American officials admonished Ukrainian officials over the assassination, they said.

As they did immediately after the death of Daria Dugina was announced, Ukraine officials have denied the assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies. However, “one anonymous senior military official told the outlet the country has carried out attacks on Russian officials in occupied Ukrainian territories, including Volodymyr Saldo, a Russian-backed leader in the Kherson region who was hospitalized after being poisoned in August.” Also, from the report, we do not know whether President Zelensky was aware of the attack beforehand, or which parts of the Ukrainian government, if any, were involved.

The report notes that the U.S. is now concerned attacks like these might cause Moscow to retaliate by carrying out similar attacks on Ukrainian officials, because Putin has been using restraint with Ukraine thus far…

Note that the NSC, CIA, and State Department have declined to comment on the matter.


More Evidence That Winning An Election Still Supersedes Moral Character And Consistency For Some Republicans

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[guest post by Dana]

Sign of the times…

Herschel Walker, a professed Christian and Republican candidate running for the Senate on a pro-life platform and equates abortion to murder and wants to ban it, with no exceptions for rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is in danger, reportedly paid for his girlfriend’s abortion in 2009. He encouraged the abortion as a matter of convenience because it was “not the right time” for him to have a child.” As corroboration, the woman who had the abortion “provided a receipt of the abortion, a deposited check from Walker for $700 that paid for the procedure, and even a signed “get well soon” card bearing, what appeared to be, Walker’s signature.” Although Walker, who claims to have always been pro-life, denies it happened, his team apparently knew about the abortion before it came to light:

Four people with knowledge of those preliminary discussions said that the abortion issue was well known within the state, even before reporters began inquiring about it.

It was brought to the attention of those working on Walker’s behalf, in part as a means of discouraging him from running. His team downplayed the potential disruption it would cause. But, according to one of those people, they did not outright deny it.

Strategists and oppo researchers also claim to have heard the story long before Walker announced his bid for the Senate.

Christian Republicans, particularly in the MAGA wing of the Republican Party, have been adamant in their opposition to abortion. It’s a black-and-white moral issue: No abortion, no exceptions. So with that in mind, consider Dana Loesch discussing the issue below. She believes that Walker’s involvement in abortion doesn’t matter at all because taking control of the Senate is what is important here. Note that she also doesn’t mention any come-to-Jesus moment of remorse or redemption that Walker may have experienced post-abortion, and obviously he hasn’t either. Instead, this is a calculated matter of political expediency to Loesch:

Post-Dobbs, do you think Loesch represents Republicans at large with her easy dismissal of a Republican candidate’s involvement with abortion because winning is still more important than the moral fiber of a candidate? Also, if you recently took me to task for my views on abortion (against elective abortion, yes to exceptions for rape, incest, if the mother’s life is in danger), do you have any issue supporting Walker (even if you’re not in Georgia) or is his hypocrisy an issue for you?

Me, I’m left wondering when moral character and consistency will make a solid comeback in the Republican Party…certainly doesn’t look to be anytime soon.


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