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Low Expectations

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[guest post by Dana]

Never let an opportunity go to waste. This especially if you’re a candidate who made a big “misstep” and your campaign needs to turn around slipping poll numbers. And fast:

[Herschel] Walker, a Republican, is now showing the badge, one of at least two he has from Georgia sheriffs, in TV interviews. He plans to tout it in a video cut for social media with Johnson County Sheriff Greg Rowland, who gave him the badge. And Walker’s campaign told NBC News that it has ordered 1,000 imitation plastic law enforcement badges that say “I’m with Herschel” as a fundraising tool.

It hopes to hand some of them out at a crime-themed event with law enforcement officers Thursday in Macon if the props arrive in time.

“Herschel Walker has been a friend to law enforcement and has a record of honoring police,” said Gail Gitcho, the Walker campaign strategist who ordered the badges Saturday.

“If Sen. Warnock wants to highlight this, then bring it on,” Gitcho added. “It just gives us a chance to talk about Herschel’s support of law enforcement and law enforcement’s support for him. It’s a great issue for us.”

P.S. I put quotes around misstep because I wasn’t quite sure what to call the bizarre and unbelievably sad moment during the debate when Walker pulled out his fake badge. I believe Walker has taken one too many hits to the head, and that he is currently being exploited by the GOP. However, he willingly signed up for it…


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